Dress Code 

The dress code at Hearthstone Country Club is country club casual. It applies to all areas of the Club with the exception of the pool area, unless otherwise noted. Gentlemen and young men, 7 years and older, must wear collared shirts with sleeves. T-shirts are acceptable in the tennis and pool areas only. Appropriate tops for ladies include collared shirts, boat neck or V-neck shirts. Shorts may be worn, but must be mid-thigh or longer in length for both ladies and gentlemen. Coaching shorts, cutoffs or tank tops are not allowed at any time. 

No jean pants or jean shorts are allowed on the golf course or practice areas including driving range. Jean pants and jean shorts are allowed in the clubhouse and dining areas. Only soft spike golf shoes or smooth soled tennis shoes are allowed on the golf course and practice areas. 

Members are responsible for seeing that their guests’ attire conforms to the club’s dress code. 

Guest Policies 

Members are encouraged to introduce guests to the Club under the following conditions: 

  1. Members may entertain guests who are not Members of the Club, provided that Members accompany their guests.
  2. Out-of-town guests do not have to be accompanied by the Member sponsoring such guests, but the guests must be issued a temporary guest card before using the club facilities. Such temporary cards may be obtained through the membership director.
  3. Members are responsible for the conduct, dress and charges of their guests. The general manager or his designee may at any time, without stating reason, deny guest privileges to any individual when, in his opinion, in the best interest of the club to do so. 
  4. No individual local guest may visit the club more than two times per month or six times in any calendar year.
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