Institutional Investors

For decades, Invited has been the preferred buyer of banks, lenders, home builders / development companies and other club owners looking to exit their position in private golf and country club assets. Owners know they can trust us to protect the asset quality of the surrounding real estate and enhance the overall reputation of the communities in which we operate.

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“Our decision (to sell to Invited) was based on recognizing an immediate increase in membership value through Invited’s commitment of capital improvements along with the unique advantages of Invited’s network. Our membership has been impressed with Invited’s history of success and its leadership.”

- Frank Grace, Board Chairman


“One of the factors that sets Invited apart from other owner/operations is the variety of solutions available to assist private clubs seeking outside assistance. Our flexible deal structure allows us to work with clubs to identify the best solution to meet their needs. Acquisition or recapitalization is a popular option, but we also offer long-term lease options.”

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-Tom Bennison, Chief Development Officer