Invited Partners with the LPGA Foundation to Celebrate Women's Golf Month

DALLAS, TX (June 4, 2024) – Invited, the World Leader in Private Clubs, announced today several initiatives for Women’s Golf Month, celebrated during the month of June. Since 2005, Women’s Golf Month promotes the game among women and girls through creative programming and events, designed to create a friendlier environment for all golfers. Women’s Golf Month is a way to help both casual and avid women players get in the game, build relationships, and contribute to the growth of women’s participation in golf.

Since its launch, the Women’s Golf Month campaign has reintroduced more than 135,000 American women to golf. Today, according to the 2024 NGF Report, females account for 26% of on-course participants – the highest proportion on record, representing the largest golfer growth area since 2019. Additionally, the pandemic spurred a stunning surge in interest in the sport among women and from 2020 to 2022, more than 800,000 American women took up golf, bringing the total to 6.4 million female golfers.

“Golf is a game of integrity, honor and character and Invited is a huge champion of women’s golf as we strive to empower women and girls through our golf programming, designed to offer learning skills that extend far beyond the course. Invited Clubs create a fun, safe space for women and girls to learn the game of golf, creating opportunities for personal growth, development, and self-confidence,” said Invited CEO David Pillsbury.

"The LPGA's partnership with Invited clubs through the #inviteHER campaign underscores the transformative power of invitation in creating inclusive spaces for female-focused programming,” said Nancy Henderson, Chief Teaching Officer and President LPGA Foundation. “A simple invitation can make HER feel welcome and transform her golfing journey. Together we can make golf a sport for everyone.”

In celebration of Women’s Golf Month, Invited has launched numerous programs at 120 of its clubs in North America, which will run for the entire month of June:

  • The LPGA’s #inviteHER campaign is intended to welcome women interested in getting involved in the game of golf.  The welcoming environment created by Invited clubs will make a huge difference and create a long-term love of the game. All it takes is for one person to ask their friend, coworker or a family member to come to the course to introduce them to the game. Not everyone has time to play 18-holes, but if you can spare an hour to #inviteHER to the driving range or to play a few holes, you will make a difference. Anyone can be invited to participate in #inviteHER, no Invited club membership needed.
  • Ready, Set...GOLF! Clinics at Invited Clubs offer a crash course in golf basics for women brand new to the game. Paired with their mentors for skill building activities, new golfers are led by LPGA Professionals to learn the full-swing motion on the driving range, and the game’s basic terminology and etiquette.
  • Let’s Play!” Experiences offer introductory golf instruction in a crash-course setting by allowing new golfers to translate their new skills onto the golf course. New golfers will play a 3 to 6-hole scramble with an experienced golfer.