How TPC Piper Glen and Firethorne Country Club Help Build Hope 

Recently, Members and Employees from Firethorne Country Club and TPC Piper Glen partnered with Roc Solid Foundation to surprise 6-year-old Elly, a pediatric cancer patient, with a brand-new backyard playset. The entire playset was built with a lot of love from the clubs in about four hours. It was a beautiful morning full of sunshine and happy smiles, and we were honored to get to be a part of the special day.  

It was our tremendous pleasure to work with Roc Solid Foundation, who builds hope in local communities by building playsets like Elly’s, and also by providing something called a Ready Bag. These Ready Bags are specially-prepared backpacks given to families when they find out their child has cancer, and contain everything the family might need for an unexpected hospital stay – toiletries, blankets, journals, tablets and more. They also include a special message of hope for each family, letting them know they aren’t alone on their journey. It is the Roc Solid Foundation’s first step toward building hope in a situation no one ever hopes to face. So far, they’ve partnered with nearly 50 children’s hospitals throughout the country.  

This kind of community support and life-affirming aid is truly what the ClubLife is all about! 

If you'd like to help other kids like Elly all over the country, visit Roc Solid Foundation's website to make a donation today.