Bonton Farms and Invited Foster Community Through Urban Farming

Bonton Farm is an urban farm located in the historic Bonton community of south Dallas, working to transform lives by disrupting systems of inequity and laying a foundation where change yields health, wholeness and opportunity as the norm. With 200 years of history marked by racial injustice and inequality, Bonton wasn't given opportunities granted elsewhere throughout the city of Dallas. The community suffered higher rates of illnesses, and 48% of its residents lived in poverty. 
Today, Bonton Farms is an active part of the community's vibrant revitalization. With humble roots as a small garden lot, Bonton Farm now operates two distinct organic farm locations, a farmer's market, and a café and coffee house. The organization provides organically-grown, healthy food items for residents in need, working to restore equality in the seven areas needed for humans to live life well – defined on the Bonton Farms website as "health and wellness, economic stability, safe and affordable housing, transportation, a sense of belonging, education and access to fair credit."
"Investing in the soil yields healthy plants; investing in the soul yields healthy people," says Bonton Farms Executive Director Daron Babcock.
Tower Club Dallas, an elite property located in the city's vibrant downtown district, proudly partners with Bonton Farms and sources much of their daily produce from the local organization. It is our distinct honor to work with an organization as important and integral to its community as Bonton Farms.