Porter Valley Golf Academy

The Porter Valley Golf Academy has a wide array of programming to suit all levels of play and lessons from our PGA staff. We also offer an exemplary Junior Golf program to get your kids golf ready.

Get Golf Ready
Get Golf Ready is targeted for the absolutely new golfer who may have never held a club or someone who has been to the range but has never been on a golf course. True beginners and less experienced players are encouraged to sign up for this fun and low-stress program. The class will include lessons on all aspects of the game including chipping, pitching, full swing irons, full swing driver, putting, and on-course instruction. Also, during the full swing class, a video analysis will be provided. By the time you are done with the class, you will have the tools to practice more effectively and soon be comfortable out on the course.

Adult Coaching
The Adult Coaching Program uses the RGX Coaching Model to help players of all skill levels to lower their scores - Guaranteed! We start out on the course to learn your game and create an individualized improvement plan to accomplish your golf goals. We then personalize your purposeful practice routine and use this system to accelerate your golfing goal. If your intent is dropping 10 shots off your game, then this is the program for you!

1 on 1 Lessons
Most students take lessons because they enjoy golf more when they are able to keep the ball in play. Others take lessons because they want to hit the ball straighter, further, and more solid. Here are a few other benefits that students have mentioned: improved putting, new confidence in short game, ability to hit different shots around the green, more confidence from the bunker, improved course management, and reaching goals of breaking 100, 90, 80, 70!

Junior Program
At the Porter Valley Junior Academy, our goal is to give juniors the coaching, instruction, and positive support needed for them to improve their games and to grow as individuals. Our philosophy goes beyond just golf lessons, we have a clear path for our juniors to follow and encourage them to see long-term improvement and achieve their golfing potential. Ages 5-17: The Crush It junior program is a game-changing golf development program designed to help your child develop a deep love for the game of golf. The program will provide your child with the tools to engage proactively at the club and learn valuable lessons they can use in all areas of their lives. The advanced Junior Program features our High School Prep Classes: Once your junior has learned to “Crush It,” the next step is High School prep classes. Our Junior Varsity class is a natural progression on the learning curve. Our Varsity class sets juniors up for success in competitions or just love of the game.

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