Membership at Brookhaven

Brookhaven Members enjoy an open door to the very best of Dallas. Our amenities speak for themselves, but it’s the relationships forged and fostered at the club that really make Brookhaven the center of community in the area.

Membership Categories

All memberships include spouse and dependent children under 23 years of age that are full-time college students that have primary residence at the home of the Member.


Full Privilege – enjoy golf, tennis, pickleball, fitness, pools, dining, and Club social amenities

Limited Golf

Tee times Sunday noon to Friday noon, and Holidays after 2 p.m. Fitness, pools, dining, and Club social amenities.

Racquet Sports

Full Racquet Sports – enjoy tennis, fitness, pickleball, pools, dining, and Club social amenities.


Enjoy pickleball, fitness, pools, dining, and Club social amenities


You may include up to four employees. Enjoy golf, pickleball, fitness, pools, dining and Club social amenities


Enjoy fitness, pools, dining, and Club social amenities.

Wherever You Go, Your Membership Goes.

While our club is exclusively open to Members and their guests, our Members have special access and opportunities at many other top-tier country clubs and golf courses in the DFW area and nationwide through our relationship to the Invited Network. Wherever you go, your membership goes with you.

The Invited Advantage

In addition to our portfolio of owned or operated golf and country clubs, city clubs and stadium clubs, our network includes alliance clubs and special offerings at more than 1,000 hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

Discover Beyond The Club Benefits

Did You Know?

The Invited network extends across the Dallas area and Members with XLife enhanced benefits have access based on their membership category.

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