Junior Tennis Academy

Our programs for youth tennis Dallas Members love are designed to help players of all levels reach their dreams and goals.

Jr. Tennis Academy

Academy of Tennis Training at Brookhaven

A combination of intensive drilling, challenging match play, mental toughness training, and a rigorous fitness program at our tennis facility provides each student with tools specific to their tennis games and goals.

We pride ourselves on the skills we developed as a team of professionals to provide individual tennis lessons. Dallas, TX, Members seek instruction specific to each tennis student's needs within a group setting. It is our goal to be the best tennis academy in Texas. In addition, we strive to help parents build the character that leads to a lifetime of success both on and off the court.

New tennis students must also complete "2024 New Student Registration Forms". These forms must be turned in to the tennis front desk before your child attends their first class.

Early Childhood -The Early Childhood program teaches tennis basics through creative drills and games. There will be an emphasis on
hand-eye coordination, stroke production and technique, and a “fun”damental introduction to tennis. Players in the program will be
introduced to Quick Start tennis, which is a play format endorsed by the USTA that takes a newer approach to playing the game. 
Players will use balls that are lower in compression, making it easier for kids to hit and be successful. 
Tiny Tennis : Ages 4 – 6 (Beginner) and Aces: Ages 6 – 8 (Beginner)
Junior Development - The Junior Development training program is designed to place an emphasis on enhancing skills for
long-term development and success. The class focuses on stroke development and building a strong foundation through 
creative drills and games to prepare your child for match play and tournaments. Ages 8 and up are welcome!
Academy Prep - The Academy Prep training program is designed to place an emphasis on enhancing skills for long-term development and success. 
The class focuses on stroke development, as well as the strategy for singles and doubles play through innovative on court drills and match-play. 
Players must be intermediate level of play or approved by Junior Development coaches to move to the Academy Prep program. Ages 8 - 18 
Challenger: Players participating in USTA Tournament play (Intermediate Level Play) and High School Play: Players participating in JV HS Tennis (Ages 13-15)
High Performance - The High Performance training program is a specialized, high-intensity training program that allows athletes to 
maximize their potential on-court in pursuit of playing NCAA collegiate tennis and beyond. The High Performance program will guide 
players through the pathway best suited for their individual tennis related goals.


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Summer 2024 - Afternoon Tennis Camp - A fun-filled Tennis Camp for beginner to intermediate level players, that teaches your child the fundamentals of the sport of a lifetime. Stroke production and the basic strategy of singles and doubles play are emphasized through creative on-court learning. In addition, campers will develop hand-eye skills through tennis drills, games, and activities to enhance enjoyment and athleticism.

Parents may choose from seven available weeks this summer.
Camp is offered Monday - Friday from 1:30pm-4:30pm.

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