Community Impact

“We Serve” is one of the core values of our company and an important part of ClubLife for our Members. With the support and involvement of our wonderful, caring Members, we work to make a difference in our local community.

Community Partners 

We partner with a variety of local organizations, including: 

City of Asylum 

We are working on planning Shine Day in November with City of Asylum. We will likely work at their bookstore (filled with works of international authors) or one of their performances of international speakers, authors, and artists. More details to come.  

United Way of Southwestern PA  

Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA  

VLP will be the beneficiary of our Charity Classic, and many of our lifelong Members and most tenured Members are supporters of the Program.  



Rivers Club - Smithfield Boardroom

Charity Classic

Every year, we open the doors of our private club to help those in need. This year, we are combining the Holiday Party with our Charity Classic event to gather the most attendees in support of the Veterans Leadership Program of Western PA. We want to give back to the community while showing support for a cause that impacts us all and bring awareness to the VLP’s great projects.

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The Employee Partners Care Foundation helps all club and home office Invited Employee Partners in the midst of crisis such as home loss, death and illness, as well as domestic situations.