Dress Code

To maintain the private business club atmosphere of the Rivers Club, the Dress & Conduct Code applies to Members, their children and guests.  All Members are expected to abide by the Code, inform guests and uphold the Code around the Club.

Club Management reserves the right to refuse privileges to anyone determined to be in violation of the Dress/Conduct Code.  This right is endorsed and supported by the Board of Governors (who reviews/approves the Code each year).

In the Hearth (Bar) – In general, dress should be appropriate for an upscale private club.  Denim jeans, skirts, dresses and women's jackets that are not faded plus have no holes or frays are permitted.  Athletic attire/work-out wear, medical scrubs, short shorts, cutoffs, T-shirts, flip-flops, halter, tube & tank tops are not permitted.  Ball caps/hats must be removed.  In the summer, Bermuda length shorts and professional looking sandals are permitted and on game days, professional team jerseys may be worn.  The same dress code applies to the touch down rooms & e-lounge. 

In the Foundry (Upscale Dining Room) - The dress code is business casual.  Jackets are encouraged but not required. Gentlemen should wear a collared shirt or polo shirt neatly tucked into slacks. Women may wear dresses, blouses, sleeveless shirts with collars and polo shirts neatly tucked into slacks or skirts.  Exceptions include tunic style, ribbed-bottom and shirts clearly designed to be worn out. Denim blue jeans, shorts, athletic attire/workout wear (including ball caps and athletic shoes) are not permitted in this area. All other exclusions above for the Hearth also apply. 

On the Fitness Level - Proper athletic wear consistent with a private club is required on this level. Short shorts and clothing that is too tight or revealing is not acceptable. Shirts & shoes must be worn at all times - including to and from group fitness classes and the pool.  Swimmers must wear a towel or cover-up to and from the pool, wear flip-flops and must towel off at the pool.  Modesty in the locker room is encouraged to & from the showers, at grooming stations and while sitting in lounge areas (-i.e. wear a towel or robe to/from showers and when sitting in chairs).


Members & Guests – Member & Guest behavior are the responsibility of the Member host. Please review and enforce this code of conduct with your Guests. Members & Guests are expected to act in a responsible/appropriate manner at all times.

  • Harassment-Free Policy - courtesy & respect for Employee Partners, other Members and Guests at the Club must be demonstrated at all times. Rude, ethnic, age-related, disability or sexist jokes, racial or religious slurs, taunting, profanity or intimidating behavior will not be tolerated. No harassment of any sort is allowed.
  • No outside food & beverage is allowed to be consumed in the Club, nor may alcohol be removed from the Club.
  • Members are expected to leave athletic equipment/areas neat /clean after their use (put things back, put used towels in bins, use trash cans & use sanitizer wipes provided). The same is true in locker room grooming stations. 

Children – We welcome well-behaved children to the Club. Parents are responsible for their children's behavior at all times. Please review and abide by this code of conduct with your children.

  • Courtesy and respect for Employee Partners, other Members and Guests at the Club must be demonstrated at all times by children. Please keep young children and others safe by having them under your supervision at all times.
  • Children dining at the Club are expected to conduct themselves in a manner respectful of other Members and the staff. For a safe and pleasant dining atmosphere for everyone, we ask that children remain seated at the table with their parents throughout the meal. It is suggested that parents with younger children take advantage of earlier dining hours from 5:30 to 6:30 PM. All children are expected to maintain decorum and not be disruptive when in the Club. If a child is loud or crying, after a reasonable time we ask that you step out with him/her from the dining room, etc.
  • Video games are allowed for children as long as the volume is turned off or headphones are worn.
  • While at the Club, parents are asked to prevent their children from playing on stairs, playing on the piano, in the elevator, running in foyers or wandering unsupervised in any areas of the Club.
  • Children must be 16 years old to be unaccompanied in locker rooms or in fitness areas and take a Fit Quest session.
  • Damaging Club property is prohibited, and repairs are the responsibility of the parent 

Alcohol Awareness – is the staff’s responsibility to enforce and as such, Members & Guests will not be allowed to drink excessively. The staff is trained to measure alcohol consumption and react as necessary. This is not just club policy but state law. The Club can arrange a ride for anyone under the influence who should not drive.  

Cell Phones – Cell phone usage is not permitted in the Foundry Dining Room and on the Fitness Floor. Cell phones are discouraged in Locker Rooms except in lounge areas (note, pictures may not be taken). Members who receive a call while in one of these areas, must step out. In the e-Lobby, Touch Down rooms, Hearth Bar and Rivers Edge, cell phones and computers are permitted. Cell phone speakerphone (& video w/sound) use is not permitted in the Club's common areas. Members who need speakerphone may make arrangements with the receptionist for use of a touchdown or private room.  

Tobacco Products - The Rivers Club is a tobacco-free environment and no smoking, vaping (e-cigarette) or use of any smokeless tobacco products is allowed. The designated area for tobacco product use is on Cherry Way on the street level.