Leagues & Tournaments

For information on any of these groups or to find out how to join one or more of these fun associations at our Irving golf club, please stop in or call the pro shop.

Hole-In-One Club
Every time a member of the Hole-In-One Club makes a hole-in-one, each member will be charged $5.

Women’s Golf Association
Join the group for twilight golf, mixed foursomes, club championships and additional special events.

Crush It! Junior Program
A ground-breaking junior golf program, built on the principles of the American Development Program. Provides your child with developmentally appropriate experiences, under the guidance of our expert team of PGA Professionals.


Your leagues provide some of the most exciting golf tournaments around. Here, you’ll play challenging rounds, meet fellow Members and, with any luck, win some great prizes at one of the finest Las Colinas golf courses.

The Invited Classic
The Invited Classic is an annual tournament featuring PGA Tour Champions players, celebrities, and Members who play their way inside the ropes. Ask our golf professionals to learn more about qualifying events for Members.


In addition to carts, we offer a variety of Irving golf services. Check with the pro shop to find out more.

Perfect your game with private or group lessons at our golf course near Dallas.

Bag Storage
Store your golf bag at the Club, with cleaning, bag tagging, and shaft labeling.

Our staff is experienced in club fitting and repairs. We can handle special orders quickly.

Hole-in-One Club
Join the club so that when you make that perfect shot, you receive a dollar in pro shop credit from every member in the Hole-In-One Club.

Locker Rental
Secure your valuables in men's and ladies' lockers. Shoe care is also available.

Keep an accurate account of your golf handicap through our online system.

Club Repair
We can assist with regripping, resifting, loft and lie adjustments and more. 

Golf Etiquette

Dress Code
Proper golf attire is required at all times on the golf course and practice areas. Collared shirts and shorts of mid-thigh length are required. No jeans or cutoffs are allowed. Golf shoes are required to have soft spikes.

Golf Cart Operation
To maintain the top condition of one of the finest golf courses in Las Colinas,  golf cart operation is restricted to drivers with a valid driver’s license. All carts are equipped with yardage computers to aid the golfer and monitor play. Press the arrow up or down to get to the correct hole. Exercise caution when driving carts around lakes, creeks, and low-hanging mesquite tree limbs. Golf Carts are fairway driving only.  Carts must enter at the first post, stay in the fairway, and not the rough until returning to the path at the second post next to the green.

Golf Course Care
Golfers are asked to take special care of the golf course while playing their rounds. Please repair your ball marks with a repair tool or tee. Smooth all bunkers after playing your shot. Please fill your divot in the fairway with the sand provided on your carts. Report any damage to the course to the golf shop as soon as possible. All cigarettes and cigar butts should be discarded in trashcans. Chewing and smokeless tobacco should be discarded in proper containers; discarding these products on the greens and teeing grounds causes damage to the turf. To keep the best care of one of the top golf courses near Dallas, Texas, there is a standard policy of two riders per cart.

Cell Phones
For the enjoyment of all, golfers should refrain from the excessive use of cell phones. Please adjust to silent mode and use for emergencies only.