Style Etiquette

The following style etiquette is enforced within the Club according to the guidelines set forth by Buckhead Club’s Board of Governors:

  • Business Professional or ‘Smart Casual’ Attire
  • Jackets required for men in the Peachtree Dining Room during the evening (with the exception of Memorial Day through Labor Day)
  • Professional denim is permitted; Ripped/torn denim not allowed
  • Shorts, men’s hats, tank tops, flip-flops, exercise tights, and other athletic wear are not permitted in the Club

Cell Phones

Members are encouraged to conduct business in the Club, and are asked to adhere to the following etiquette:

  • Cell phones should remain on vibrate at all times.
  • Please refrain from using speakerphone
  • Please be aware/respectful of fellow members in your vicinity when conducting phone conversations
  • Cell phone conversations are not permitted in the Peachtree Dining Room at any time.