Racquet Lessons & Drills at Brookhaven

Brookhaven Country Club offers comprehensive tennis and pickleball lessons Dallas players of all levels and ages can participate in to improve their game. Our Farmers Branch programs focus on the development of both the player and the person. Coaches help players identify and achieve their goals based on their individual needs. Below is a summary of lessons Dallas, TX enthusiasts can join for fun and competition. Additional details are available in the Tennis Shop.

Private Tennis Lesson Dallas Members Enjoy

The professional staff offers a variety of Adult and Junior lesson programs from the beginner to championship levels.  

Brookhaven Member Private Lessons  

  • Hour Lessons | $75 - $105
  • 1/2 Hour Lessons | $40 - $55

Adult Beginner Tennis Classes Dallas Players Can Join

This class is specifically designed for those who have had no previous tennis experience.

The Pro will teach you:

  • Strokes - such as forehand, backhand, serve, and volley 
  • Topics - such as rules, scoring, and tennis terminology  
  • How to practice on your own so that you can improve quickly 

This class is designed for those individuals who come through the beginners class and for those players who have a moderate amount of tennis experience.

Group Drills and Workout Information

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Group Drills & Workouts

These classes are designed to put you through fast-paced drills to help fine-tune your game. The class will combine drills with point playing situations in order for you to practice strategy while grooving your strokes. The drills are geared toward both singles and doubles.

Daytime, Evening and Weekend Drills are offered.    

Group Drills and Workout Information