In addition to carts, we offer a variety of golf services. Check with the pro shop to find out more.

Member Discount on Merchandise

Members receive a 20% discount on all soft good merchandise and MAP (Minimum Advertised Price) on all hard good merchandise.

Bag Storage

Store your golf bag at the Club, with cleaning, bag tagging and shaft labeling.


Our staff is experienced in club fitting. We can handle special orders and repairs quickly.

Hole-in-One Club

Join the club so that when you make that perfect shot, you receive a dollar in pro shop credit from every member in the Hole-In-One Club. There are currently more than 300 members.

Locker Rental

Secure your valuables in men's and ladies' lockers. Shoe care is also available.


Keep an accurate account of your golf handicap through GHIN online system.

Complimentary Lessons

Join us every Saturday for a complimentary golf lesson. Clinics cover putting, chipping, iron and wood play.

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