Serve It Up

Tennis in Gilbert, AZ

Hit the courts in the Sports Zone and take a swing as you immerse yourself in your next match. With three Gilbert tennis courts, you are sure to find a place to play. Need to brush up your swing or want to take your game to a new level? Our Gilbert tennis facility pros are happy to help, with lessons, instruction and leagues for all levels from the junior beginner to the skilled adult. Improve your skills and tactics in a fun, energetic environment as you learn specific patterns of play, positioning on the court, and strokes and techniques.

Grab A Paddle

Pickleball is the fastest-growing sport in America. It was created by combining features of ping pong and tennis. It is played on a court one-fourth the size of a tennis court with a paddle and a plastic pickleball. This smaller court size has made the sport very attractive to all ages and all levels. Pickleball promotes camaraderie, physical fitness, and lifestyle. Come join us for this very social activity on our three new Gilbert pickleball courts. Equipment and instruction are provided.