Awards & Accolades for Gleneagles


  • Host of the IFQ (British Open Qualifier) for 5 years running (only course in America to do so!)
  • Host to 3 of the largest grossing charitable golf tournaments in the State of Texas


"It’s a wrap! The 19th annual Energy Golf Classic goes down in the history books as amazing! Of course, it’s really hard to mess up a tournament when you have such great weather but the execution on your team’s side was exceptional and flawless - even times where we had to adjust.

Our golfers agreed with Bob’s comment to me - the course was in great shape, the Marshalls or whoever keeps play going did a fabulous job - our golfers were in early and it made for a great cocktail hour. Everyone has always said our tournament has the best rate of play of anyone. Honestly, rate of play is really an important metric to us. Bob, thank you all your golf team did - greens, signs, carts, organization - all excellent!

I’m sure it wasn’t his job but Brandon was a rock start coordinating the bag valet - several of my committee members commented on his leadership there and how flexible he was with us scooting it around until it flowed with our registration and car wash process perfectly.  Thank you Brandon!  

Lastly, OMG Patrick, do you have the best private event director! We work together every year to make sure our BEO has all details just right but there is always something I’ve missed or some problem we have to react to in a moment - or it’s some great idea someone comes up with at the last minute that throws all the planning out the window. Regardless of it all, Diane can make it happen and she handles it and herself so professionally through it all. It’s magical to watch! And, honestly, I think my team gains great event experience simply from their interactions with her. Diane has always put our needs first and is truly a partner in our success. And the dear, dear Juan - what would we do without him! He magically appeared every time I was just about to ask for something - like he was watching and waiting to be right on the spot."

Patrick, we have the new contract and all agree Gleneagles is the place to celebrate our 20th anniversary of the event. It will take me a bit to circulate it and get the formal approval but once the i’s are dotted and t’s crossed, I will be excited to share a Save the Date with our golfers for next year’s special event.