Event Rooms & Spaces in Ashburn, VA

The Grand Ballroom

Belmont stands on the highest point in Eastern Loudoun County, which is quite appropriate since Belmont means “beautiful mountain”. The Grand Ballroom fittingly affords a magnificent view of the grounds while offering spacious and elegant dining for up to two hundred and fifty guests.

The Flora Lee Bridal Suite

Reflecting the grace and charm of the past and present, and in honor of Mrs. Flora Lee, wife of Ludwell Lee, the Bridal Suite is commonly the most talked about room in the Manor Home. It is a place for brides to prepare, ponder, and begin their journey.

The George Kephart Billiard Room

This handsome and masculine room was the original kitchen of the Belmont Manor House. Today, members and guests enjoy a challenging game of billiards, watch their favorite sporting event, or relax on the adjoining outdoor patio with friends.

The Edward McLean Conference Room

Dedicated to the McLean’s who were known for re-establishing Belmont Manor as a fine horse farm in the early 1900’s. Mr. McLean was the son of the owner and publisher of The Washington Post, and Mrs. McLean owned the hope diamond, which she was said to regularly wear around the mansion, as if it were a common piece of jewelry. The McLean Room today offers a Boardroom style conference table.

The Margaret Mercer Conservatory

Daughter of a former Maryland Governor, Miss Mercer established Belmont as a progressive Christian school for ladies in 1836 and built the Belmont Chapel, which is responsible for the legacy of Belmont weddings. The Conservatory, appropriately honoring her name, is utilized as a sunny, light-filled gathering place for family and friends.

The Scott Ferguson Formal Dining Room

Known as an outstanding attorney from Pittsburgh, Mr. Ferguson’s contributions included the restoration of the “Earlham” hand-painted panels in the dining room, a copy of which hangs today in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. This magnificent room invokes a sense of formality and intimacy for your social or business affairs.

The Fairfax Hunt Room

In celebration of the annual Fairfax Hunt Steeplechase Races, held at Belmont since the 1930’s, this versatile room can serve as a business meeting room, card room or small private dining room for entertaining.

The Ludwell Lee Library

Dedicated to the visionary of Belmont, Mr. Ludwell Lee, who served as aide-de-camp to General Lafayette during the American Revolution. The Marquis de Lafayette was among many distinguished guests who shared stories in this historic room, and is said to have presented Mr. Lee with the mantle pieces in the Library and Parlor as an expression of his appreciation during his last visit to America in 1825.

The General Lafayette Parlor

A grand receiving room where legend has it, General Lafayette’s donated mantle piece rests. The design of the hand-painted walls is based on an original French painting of 1812 depicting a deer hunt at the Chateau de Compiegne.

The Patrick J. Hurley Living Porch

Appropriately utilized today for small gatherings and receptions, the Living Porch is dedicated to President Hoover’s former Secretary of War, Patrick Hurley, in honor of his contributions to the Phillipine government during World War II.