Our Story

April Sound Country Club has a rich history that began in 1973. Originally centered around our world-class tennis facility, April Sound hosted the first of many celebrity tennis tournaments within six months of opening, bringing in famous names such as Glen Campbell, Phyllis Diller and Lloyd Bridges. The club’s first golf pro, Don Massengale, welcomed Arnold Palmer in an exhibition match here to mark the opening of the 18-hole course in 1974. A third set of nine holes were quickly added to the club, shoring up our reputation as the premier golf and tennis destination in the area.

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A Community Like No Other

The beauty of April Sound Country Club is only surpassed by the kinship within the Club. When a fire destroyed our main clubhouse in 2007, residents and Members showed up to help in any way they could. Our wonderful community continued to support the Club as we rebuilt the clubhouse to meet the needs of our active, involved and growing membership.

We pride ourselves on having one of the most robust social calendars in the area, with many clubs within the Club providing outlets for every talent and interest; golf and tennis associations for men and women; various social clubs and associations; and an active juniors program that encourages our youngest Members to get involved. It is this, the silently discernible “welcome to our Club,” etched at every turn, that truly makes the Club a cherished haven. 

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