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Explore the wide range of April Sound’s athletics. Our state-of-the-art fitness facilities offer the ideal workout environment for anyone wanting to stay healthy and fit.

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Fitness Center Rules

• All persons using the Fitness Center must sign in at the front desk.
• Use of the Fitness Room at the Club at any time is at the user’s own risk.
• Use of the Fitness Center is permitted only during open hours as established by the Club.
• Only suitable attire may be worn inside the Fitness Center.
     • Men: t-shirts, gym shorts, warm-up pants, socks and sneakers.
     • Women: leotards, tights, warm-up suits, t-shirts, appropriate shorts, socks and sneakers.
     • Not Permitted: flip-flops, bare feet, skirts, jeans and clothing containing metal of any kind.
• Children up to 16 years old must be under direct supervision of an adult.
• Please be considerate of your fellow Members and wipe down the equipment after each use.
• Please do not drop weights on the athletic floor.
• No food or drink (except water in a closed container) is permitted in the athletic areas.
• Please re-rack your weights after use of a machine.
• Out of courtesy for your fellow Members, please set your cell phone on vibrate and excuse yourself from the athletic area to talk on the
• Stay healthy and fit!

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