Life at The Woodlands

At The Woodlands Country Club, your choices for the day are endless. Starting with five distinct golf courses, Members at the Woodlands have a variety of amenities and leisure activities at their disposal to pass the time and enjoy the Club. Racquet sports, fitness, premier dining, swimming facilities, and private event venues give Members with any need or interest ample opportunity to enjoy the perks of membership and time with friends and colleagues at the Woodlands. The amenities and recreational facilities at The Woodlands Country Club truly bring resort-style living to your backyard.

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Our gifted culinary team presents a range of experiences from date night affairs to casual weeknight family dining.

Racquet Sports

Come enjoy 21 courts nestled in the heart of The Woodlands community. Featuring a 30,000-square-foot indoor racquet sports pavilion and outdoor hard and clay court options.


State-of-the-art facilities, interactive equipment, 30+ group classes, and personal training to help you meet and exceed your goals.

Blu Pool

The Blu Pool facility at the Palmer clubhouse offers swimming and more. Eight private cabanas, a poolside bar for snacks and drinks, a kiddie pool, and numerous organized activities give this outdoor space just the right energy for Members of all ages.

Kids Club

Enjoy the Club while your kids have supervised fun! Kids’ Club provides an environment where children between two and 12 years old can play while their parents participate in activities at the Club. Our goal at the Kids’ Club is to provide a warm and loving environment in which your child can participate in various activities such as arts and crafts, movies, books, and age-appropriate toys.