House Rules

Court Reservations

Reservations for both indoor and outdoor courts can be made up to seven days in advance. They may be made as early as 8 am online using the Tennis Director system, or as early as 8:30 am in person or over the phone. Court times are available as early as 5 am.

In order to use the on-line reservation option, please be sure to register in advance. To register go to: If you need additional help or are uncertain if you have properly registered, please reach out to or 512-561-7222.    

Court Cancellations

As a courtesy to other Members, players are asked to cancel all court reservations that will not be used. Indoor courts must be canceled at least 12 hours in advance. Failure to cancel indoor court times will result in the full charge of court fees to those Members scheduled to play.

Lesson Cancellations

Canceling lessons requires 24-hour notice. Failure to notify the pro shop may result in a full charge for the lesson time.

Court Conduct

Yelling, racket throwing, foul language or any other abusive acts are not acceptable. Members are asked to be mindful of play on adjacent courts, so as not to be disruptive.

Dress Code

Proper tennis attire and regulation equipment is required at all times. No cutoff jeans or shirts, swimming attire, sports bras, bare feet, non-regulation shoes and bare midriffs are not allowed. The top of the bottom must meet the bottom of the top. Sleeveless shirts for men are allowed, but must have a finished sleeve. Tank tops for men are not allowed.

Pro Shop Return Policy

All sale items have a no-return policy. All other merchandise has a seven-day return policy.

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