Alumni Hall

Alumni Hall I: 2,400 sq. ft. | 60x40 | 100 to 150 guests
Alumni Hall II: 2,400 sq. ft. | 60x38 | 100 to 150 guests
Alumni Hall III: 2,400 sq. ft. | 60x41 | 100 to 150 guests
Alumni Hall: 7,200 sq. ft. | 60x120 | up to 1,000 guests

The Alumni Hall, covering 7,500 square feet including an elevated stage, accommodates up to 1,000 guests. Using movable walls, it also can be configured into three individual rooms, each opening onto an outdoor terrace. The stage platform is oak wood paneling with a walnut stain. This grande room is the perfect place to hold a wedding ceremony, reception, seminar or symposium. 



Royall Room

Dimensions: 680 sq. ft. | 34x20 | 10 to 40 guests

The Royall Room was funded by Sen. Kenneth Royall Jr. in memory of his father, Kenneth C. Royall, a former U.S. secretary of war whose portrait is on display here. The walnut paneling was brought to this room from the former executive offices of R.J. Reynolds in Winston-Salem. This tasteful room is an ideal place to hold business meetings as well as intimate luncheons and dinners. 



Peebles Room

Dimensions: 625 sq. ft. | 25x25 | 10 to 40 guests

The Peebles Dining Room features original murals depicting scenes from Chapel Hill. Marion Wooten Peebles commissioned these murals in 1947 for his Lawrenceville, Virginia home. Thirty years later, Marion Wooten “Dyke” Peebles Jr. had the task of selling his parents’ home. These murals, he felt, belonged in Chapel Hill. John Short, George Watts Hill’s private conservator, undertook the meticulous work of removing the oil-on-canvas paintings and mounting them on protective aluminum panels. They were kept in environmentally controlled storage until they could be placed on these walls in 1993. Pat Scheibel painted the names above each building and the border of this room. The bright and cheerful atmosphere of The Peebles Room makes it a wonderful space to host a bridal shower or luncheon, tea party, book club meeting or any other intimate gathering for friends and family. 



Dowd & Harris Room

Dowd Room: 500 sq. ft. | 25x20 | 10 to 24 guests
Harris Room: 500 sq. ft. | 25x20 | 10 to 24 guests
Dowd & Harris Rooms: 1,000 sq. ft. | 25x40 | 25 to 60 guests

The Dowd Dining Room was endowed by the Dowd Foundation of Charlotte in honor of Elizabeth S. “Pepper” Dowd, who served as the GAA’s elected president in 1992-93. Deborah and John W. Harris of Charlotte endowed the Harris Dining Room. Whether divided into two separate rooms or combined to create one spacious room, The Dowd and Harris rooms offer a great setting for business or social gatherings.