A Treasure Built Over Time

Founded in 1969 in the idyllic community of Phoenix, Eagle’s Nest is a private club with an inviting approach to the good life. From virtually every vantage point, sweeping views of Loch Raven Reservoir, towering trees and verdant golfing greens lend an air of majesty to the moment. And with each new experience, it becomes ever clearer that this is where you belong.

Dawn Redwoods
A Tale of Rare Beauty

Our Club is home to about 75 dawn redwoods — one of the largest collections outside of China. Once prevalent throughout the Northern Hemisphere, these trees were thought to have become extinct until 1941, when a Chinese forester in the Sichuan province discovered more than 1,000 trees that had somehow survived. The trees at Eagle’s Nest are likely very close descendants of those discovered in China.

How did so many of these magnificent trees find their way to Eagle’s Nest? According to Jimmy Watson, our first club president, his brother Bobby is to thank.

“A nursery in York, PA, wanted to clear an area,” Jimmy explained. “So they said to Bobby, ‘Take ’em all … $1 apiece.’ They were the size of a broom handle. My brother and Roy Albin planted all the trees after work.” With that small investment roughly a half-century ago, another priceless attribute of Eagle’s Nest was born.

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"Glad I chose the Club for this event...Management and Chef's execution exceeded my expectations. Bar service excellent and the wait and service staff were also wonderful. As it should have been...it was a fun and comfortable night for me, my family and our guests"