Pine Course

# 1 /

Par: 4

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 382

Blue 361

White 354

Green 341

Red 327

Purple 278

Pro Tips

Par 4 to start your round on the Pine Course. Tee shot needs to stay short of the lake. Longer hitters can take more of a chance down the right side. Elevated green so make sure you play enough club.

# 2 /

Par: 5

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 493

Blue 477

White 463

Green 420

Red 410

Purple 0

Pro Tips

Short Par 5 that can be reached in two. Your drive needs to either carry the fairway bunkers or just stay right of them. From there you have a straight in shot to the green. Green is surrounded by bunkers. Lay up to your favorite distance and make a birdie.

# 3 /

Par: 4

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 429

Blue 413

White 387

Green 377

Red 338

Purple 287

Pro Tips

Tough Par 4 that dog legs to the right. Good tee shot is a must. Green slopes from back to front so don't go long.

# 4 /

Par: 4

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 365

Blue 348

White 330

Green 319

Red 308

Purple 263

Pro Tips

Short Par 4 that can eat your lunch. Take your drive straight out right of the fairway bunkers. A short iron shot will be left for your approach shot. Tough green so make sure you pick the right yardage.

# 5 /

Par: 3

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 141

Blue 132

White 123

Green 115

Red 107

Purple 94

Pro Tips

Good Par 3 with a lake short of the green. Deep green with trouble on the left. Most players will a short iron into this green.

# 6 /

Par: 5

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 544

Blue 544

White 511

Green 497

Red 470

Purple 422

Pro Tips

A tough Par 5 that will require a good tee shot and second shot. Make sure your drive stays in the fairway to set up your second shot. Water runs down the right side of the fairway so be sure to hit a long enough club to clear the trees down the right side as well. The green is well protected so be sure you pick the right club for your third shot.

# 7 /

Par: 4

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 408

Blue 408

White 375

Green 363

Red 351

Purple 312

Pro Tips

A tight Par 4 that has out of bounds of the left and water right. Keep your tee shot down the middle to set up a medium iron shot into the green.

# 8 /

Par: 3

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 201

Blue 189

White 177

Green 165

Red 154

Purple 120

Pro Tips

The longest Par 3 at Countryside CC. Pick the right club as you will be hitting into an elevated green that is guarded on the right side with bunkers. A large green but with some tricky breaks.

# 9 /

Par: 4

Yardage by Tee:

Gold 435

Blue 410

White 390

Green 336

Red 334

Purple 304

Pro Tips

Probably one of the toughest holes on the course. Must hit a good tee shot down the middle. Wayward shots left and right will find the trees. A good drive will still leave you a medium to long iron into the green. A par finish is a great finish.