Be Your Best Self

Club Programs in Seattle Washington

At Columbia Tower Club, we believe in living with intention. Every program at the Club is thoughtfully orchestrated to enhance your lifestyle and career. Enjoy guest speakers, professional seminars and meaningful committee events. Engage in the arts, sip and savor Chef’s spectacular culinary creations, or connect with fellow Young Professionals. For those who want to make a difference in the community, join us at our annual Shine Day where you can do good and have fun. Now that’s what we call purposeful programming.

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Be bold. Be adventurous.

Transcend who you were yesterday and experience first-class social and networking opportunities in the sky. No matter your age, profession or mission – if you’re looking for greatness, you’ll find it at the Club.

It’s a Vibe

Don’t hate the player, join the game. Our innovative programs are designed to enrich your life with cultural, educational, and business-oriented events to match your interests.

Give Back to Our Communities

With philanthropic committees, diversity outreach programs, and influential civic partnerships, Members have ample opportunities to expand their influence and make a real difference.

Support Our Heros

Our Veterans & First Responders Committee is dedicated to providing programming and support centered around the Puget Sound VFR community.

Trufant Family Foundation

We are honored to be partnered with the Trufant Family Foundation, founded by Pacific Northwest-local Marcus Trufant. The program awards college scholarships to under-represented students in Seattle and neighboring communities, eliminating barriers for those seeking higher education and providing support to help them achieve their life goals.