Discover THE RAC, Ravinia Green’s Athletic Club

Our fitness facilities are designed to cater to diverse wellness needs. Elevate your fitness journey in our well-equipped weight room, engage in heart-pumping workouts in our dedicated cardio room, and experience the camaraderie of our invigorating group classes. Elevate your fitness experience with personalized attention through our expert personal training sessions, ensuring a holistic approach to achieving your health and wellness goals.

Weight Room

Increase your strength in the new weight room, featuring state of the art equipment from Life Fitness including kettlebells, free weights, Olympic squat rack, seated shoulder press, leg extension machine, leg curl machine, leg press, seated row and much more!

Cardio Room

You will have plenty of space and equipment to burn away the calories! Our gym offers rowing machines, elliptical machines, recumbent bikes, an upright bike, a power plate, and treadmills. Switch up your cardio routine with our heavy boxing bag, TRX bands, exercise balls, ropes, resistance bands, box jump, foam rollers, and so much more to get that body in shape.

Private Studio

We have a private studio giving you the ability to exercise on your own, stretch, or do a group fitness class! Also, our studio provides a virtual Wexer system. Wexer Virtual is an on-demand Player with an advanced touch screen unit that uses the latest technology to deliver virtual fitness content. Take classes such as boxing, yoga, pilates, hip-hop, P90X, core, stretching, cycling, and hundreds of more choices all led by a virtual instructor.

Personal Training

We have personal trainers ready to help you reach your fitness goals. Whether it's losing fat, gaining muscle, or just regaining proper functional movement. We have the team to get you there.

"I have been working with a wonderful trainer named Tracey at RGCC and she is terrific. I may fall over tomorrow but I have lost about ten pounds – using diet as well – and her regimen has made me feel as good as I’ve felt for some time. She develops a strategy specifically for you and she is incredibly knowledgeable about to personalize your routine. You can opt for a different number of sessions and always add on later. It is moderately priced – and worth every penny – and even better, she meets you at RGCC for your sessions. I could not urge you strongly enough to start."

Meet Our Personal Trainers
- Scotty