Life at Piedmont Club

The Piedmont Club has served as the anchor of our community since it was built 20 years ago. In fact, it was so sought-after that some of its more than 100 founding Members joined before its famed golf course was even built. A Club known for its social, welcoming atmosphere, Piedmont prides itself on being a place to make connections. The Tom Fazio-designed course is the main attraction at the Club in Haymarket, Virginia, but that is just the start of what Members – some of whom have been Members since the Club's inception – can enjoy in this picturesque setting.

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A master at designing some of the game's most enjoyable courses, Fazio knew what he wanted to do when he designed a course for the new Piedmont Club when it was built in 2001. Creating a course that is described as "thought-provoking, challenging, distinctive and fun," Fazio gave Piedmont Members, as well as guests, a course that would be both challenging and which will seem new every time they tackle it.

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Our Executive Chef gives Members the meal they want, whether it's an upscale dining experience or something more casual at the Bistro or on the patio. Members rave about not just the food but about the connected service the Chef gives our Members by engaging with the diners during and after meals. He also strives to stay current with culinary trends and keeps old favorites on the menu while frequently changing things up with new offerings to keep Members surprised. Chef also offers Chef Cooking Classes that are very much in demand.

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