Our Story

Conceived in 1956 as a place where status could take a backseat to enjoy life while feeling like part of the family, Members today still enjoy a “formal invitation to informal living.

Founders included prominent residents Desi Arnaz, Paul Prom, Eddie Susalla, Linn Johnson, Earl Murphy, Milt Hicks, Bill Worthing and John Curci.

Paul and Isabel Prom and Jean Susalla, over dinner at Ruby’s restaurant in Palm Springs, discussed the idea of building a golf and country club in Coachella Valley. The result was the first iteration of Indian Wells Country Club: a 9-hole private club surrounded by houses founded by celebrities, wealthy businessmen, and prominent residents.

For years following, the Club remained a destination where the who’s who came to relax, enjoy, and entertain, including members like Bob Hope, Desi Arnaz, Joey Bishop of Rat Pack fame, and even President Gerald Ford, who was a VIP Member both in and out of office in the 70s.

To this day, there is a feeling of home, a sense of family, and a special relationship between Members and staff that are all unique to Indian Wells. It will always be the fun club of the desert.