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Enjoy full-service fitness capabilities, whether you work out alone or with one of our experienced personal trainers. Our group programs include Yoga, Pilates, Aqua Fitness and Strength Training classes.

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Fitness Center Pool

The landscaped horseshoe-shaped pool measures 64 feet by 42 feet, with a water depth that ranges from three feet to eight feet. The pool has no diving facilities and is surrounded by chaise lounges, umbrella tables and chairs. There is one tiered gazebo and sun deck area perfect for pool parties.

Fitness Center & Equipment

Your fitness center now offers you the Core Spinal Fitness System as well as the popular CYBEX Strength Training line of equipment. With plenty of stairmasters, treadmills, and recumbent bikes your aerobic exercise needs can be met. Let us help you develop a personal workout program. 

Equipment Available:

Overhead Press
Chest Press
Arm Curl
Arm Extension
Back Extension
Cable Cross
Seated Fly
Stretching Equipment

Seated Leg Press
Rowing Machines
Leg Extension
Prone Leg Curl
Ab Crunch
Lat Pulldown
Rotary Torso
Free Weight Dumbbells