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Join us and enjoy the many benefits and privileges of our Club, as well as the lifelong friendships and fond memories you'll create here. No distractions, no interruptions, just quality family time, business networking and resort-style living – right in your backyard.

Our Story

Welcome to Cherry Valley Country Club, where within four miles of historic Princeton, the gentle waters of Bedens Brook meander quietly through the center of this beautiful pastoral setting. Here, there is something for everyone: a gem of a golf course designed by Rees Jones, the area’s finest racquet sports facility, outstanding aquatics, a state of the art fitness center, and exquisite dining and special events.

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Our History

Atherton Hobler was one of the founders of the Benton & Bowles Advertising Agency in New York. On the advice of a friend, also a cattle farmer, Mr. Hobler came to Montgomery Township in New Jersey to look at farm property available for sale.  Because he liked what he saw, and the fact that two of his sons were attending nearby Princeton University, he decided to purchase the property in 1941.  At this time he moved his entire herd of 60 cattle from Connecticut to Montgomery Township, bringing along the farm's original Woodacres name.  His initial purchase was 200 acres known as Skillman Farm, along with a large home up the hill at 1438 Great Road. In subsequent years, as the herd grew to number 150, he purchased an additional 400 acres. 

In 1968, Mr. Hobler, who was then 78 years old, decided to retire from farming and held a “dispersal” sale at Woodacres.  People came from all over the country for the chance to purchase his champion cattle.  After the sale, he retained ownership of the property while leasing it to other farmers. 
Mr. William Augustine, as President of The Great Road Land Company and Bedens Brook Company, made the initial purchase of a 50 acre tract of land in 1971 from Paul Tulane, founder of Tulane University, connected to the initial 600 acres.  The Tulane property fronted Cherry Valley Road and on the south, Woodacre farm, and was eventually joined with the Hobler property. 

Ultimately Mr. Hobler sold the property to The Great Road Land Company and Bedens Brook Land Company in the mid 1970’s.  Their plans for development were similar to those of the Hobler family.  It was the company’s intention, however, to make the golf course and country club the centerpiece of the project. 

The present CVCC land had previously been Woodacres Farm, owned by Atherton Hobler, on which he raised the champion Guernsey cattle.  Initially, after the property was purchased by the Great Road Land and Bedens Brook Companies the country club was named Cherry Glen Country Club.  Other names later considered included North Woods, and Wood Acres.  The Montgomery Township Planning Board favored the Cherry Valley name because of the nearby Cherry Valley Road. 

In the early 1980’s Mr. Augustine retained Rees Jones to design the golf course, not realizing that Robert Trent Jones was Mr. Jones’ father. 

The key to obtaining the necessary municipal approvals was the donation of a 50 acre tract of land to the Township of Montgomery by the Great Road Land Company & Beden’s Brook Company.  Mr. Hobler’s children asked that the track be named after their father.  It was becoming known as The Atherton Hobler Memorial Park, which is located today on the Great Road across from the Country Club Drive entrance. 

Once municipal approvals were obtained, the property was sold to DKM Properties in 1989. DKM later retained Mr. Augustine as founding VP on the CVCC project.  He was involved with numerous changes to the golf course and housing site plans.  He was also responsible for identifying prospective CVCC members until Gale, Wentworth and Dillon became involved with the project. 

During the official grand opening of the golf course in 1991, DKM Properties presented Rees Jones, who attended, with a cast iron plaque signifying CVCC as his “Longest Course,” not in yards, but in time spent on design!  DKM also presented Mr. Augustine with a cast iron “Founder’s Plaque.” 
The initial course layout included an 18 hole executive course north of Bedens Brook Road and an 18 hole regulation course south of it.  The clubhouse site was to be just south of the current 15th hole fairway. 

Knowing that all current and future members of Cherry Valley Country Club will continue to enjoy our beautiful property for years to come the Board of Directors has chosen to honor our history by naming the two main buildings Woodacres and Hobler House.  We hope these new names will be a reminder of our past grand history, while we move forward and create future memories at our Club.