Spectacular Atlanta Area Golf

The centerpiece of Brookfield's golf program is a championship 18-hole course designed by Mike Riley that has served as the host for LPGA championships and numerous major amateur events. Winding its way through magnificent undulating greens and rolling fairways, the course beckons both experienced golfers and amateurs alike.

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Brookfield Golf Academy

Led by PGA professionals Michael Parrott and Chris Moulder, Brookfield Golf Academy is second to none for personal development at any age. Our Performance Center is fully equipped with state-of-the-art video technology as well as a FlightScope launch monitor and fitting tools. Our experienced staff is available for group and one-on-one instruction including video swing analysis. Personalized instruction applies to all aspects of the game from short game to full swing, bunker play, club fitting, and course management.

Some of the programs on offer include:

  • Golf Lessons & Clinics for all levels of player
  • Private Lessons with our certified golf professionals
  • Personalized Programs
  • Custom Club Fitting
  • Junior Clinics & Camps
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Handicap – Guidelines and Posting

Handicap Committee

A handicap committee has been formed to monitor all BCC Member handicaps and score posting. Please make sure to post all your scores.

Handicap Posting Guidelines:

    1. Post all scores when at least seven holes are played. (7 holes are posted as a 9 hole score, 14 holes are posted as an 18 hole score). Holes not played are posted as par plus any handicap strokes to which the player is entitled.
    2. Post scores made under the rules of golf
    3. Post scores on all courses with a valid USGA course rating and slope rating.
    4. Post scores in all forms of competition: Match play, Stroke play and Team Competitions where players play their own ball. Check with the committee to see if the score is posted as a tournament (T) score.
    5. Post scores played under the local rule of “preferred lies.”
    6. A scorecard must be turned in for each score posted.
    7. Scores must be adjusted using: “Equitable Stroke Control” before posting to the handicap computer.
    8. After a handicap index has been established for a player with an established Handicap Index, the maximum score for each hole played is limited to a net double bogey. (Par of the hole + 2 strokes + Any handicap stroke(s) that the player receives on that hole)
    9. A player should submit their score as soon as possible on the day of play, after completion of their round, and before midnight (local time).  You can post the round, at the club, online or through your GHIN/MyGSGA app.

For more information, please review the World Handicap System Reference Guide for more details.

GLF. Connect.

Your convenient solution to schedule one-on-one lessons and even clinics with your golf professional. All at the click of a button, right at your fingertips.

Ready to schedule? Let’s go GLF.!

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Crush It! Juniors Program

Based on principles of the American Development Model (ADM), Brookfield Country Club’s Crush It! Juniors Program is a game-changing golf development program designed to help your junior golfers develop a deep love for the game and the abilities needed to perform on the course.

Whether new or familiar with the game and for fun or friendly competition, the program provides kids with the tools to engage proactively in life and learn valuable lessons they can use in all areas of their lives, while at the same time enabling them to engage in developmentally appropriate experiences and learning opportunities that connect child and family at every step through a progression pathway.

At the core of Brookfield Country Club’s Crush It! Program is the development of a “golfer for life” through the motto, “Skills for golf, skills for life” by through:

Hard work

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Game On! Program

Whether you’re picking up a club for the first time or if you’re coming back to the sport after some time off, Brookfield Country Club’s Game On! Program provides the ideal way for golfers to experience learning the game in an environment and structure that will enable them to build the skills, knowledge and social connections to actively play the game and maximize your Brookfield Country Club membership.

Where Game On! differs from other traditional programs is that it does not measure success based on completing a set number of classes. Instead, success is defined when you have achieved the criteria set out within a 3-Level Progression Pathway that ensures you have harnessed the knowledge, experiences and appropriate level of skill to play the golf course. The length of time spent on the program varies between golfer but it’s why golf is a journey, not a marathon.

No matter where your golf journey is taking you, Brookfield Country Club is excited to welcome you to the sport! From socializing in a friendly and fun environment to focusing on health and wellness, golf has something for everyone and for every family through:

Making New Social Connections
Spending more time with loved ones
Learning a new skill
Healthier lifestyle
An activity great for the entire family


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Golf at Brookfield is packed with activities, events and tournaments. Whether it is Couples' Golf Night or Lady Tara Days, there are always golf events or activities going on at the Club. Our men’s and ladies' golf programs have a full complement of golf tournaments throughout the year. Bi-annually, we travel to our sister club in Scotland to compete in the Hagen Cup. For information on competitive leagues or to find out how to join one or more of these fun associations, please stop in or call the Pro Shop.

Ladies' Golf

Our ladies' golf programs are active on a variety of levels. Our ladies' golf programs have a myriad of golfing events that will fit your playing level and competitive spirit. Golf is a great time for our lady Members to reconnect with friends.

The Brookfield golf staff takes extreme pride in developing, planning and executing all of our ladies' golf events. We feel it is tremendously important, regardless of the event, that we deliver outstanding member service to our lady Members. Our Members can select from numerous events or activities to participate in.

  • Ladies' Golf Clinics
  • Ladies' Invitational
  • Ladies' Member Guest
  • Ladies' Spring Member Member
  • Ladies' Club Championship
  • Ladies' Fall Member Member
  • 9-Hole Play Days
  • 18-Hole Play Days
  • River North
  • Lady Tara
  • Team Play


Men's Golf

We love competition and believe it brings out the best in our Members. Our men’s golf programs have numerous golf tournaments and events throughout the year for all golfers. Regardless if you shoot 129 or 69, we have a game and a competition for you. Brookfield Country Club is known to produce outstanding golfers starting from our renowned junior program all the way to our Presidents Cup match play championship.

Brookfield Country Club has an MGA that hosts exclusive golf events and tournaments as well as social events throughout the year. And, we have a chapter of the North Atlanta Senior Men's Golf Association (NASMGA) that competes with local clubs throughout the season.

Some tournaments we have throughout the year include:

  • Two-Man Shootout
  • Member-Guest
  • Member-Member
  • Men's Club Championship
  • Senior Men's Club Championship

Junior Golf

Brookfield Country Club junior golf program is among the best within Atlanta country clubs. Our PGA professional staff understands that junior golf is the future of the game and the future of Brookfield Country Club. Consequently, we have designed and developed a wonderful junior golf program that introduces juniors to the game from the time they're old enough to start playing through their high school years.

Our three main junior golf programs include:

  • Private Golf Lessons
  • Sunday Golf Clinics
  • Summer Golf Camps

The purpose of our junior golf program is to create a fun and safe learning environment where juniors can learn to play the game.

Family Golf

Brookfield Country Club is a place for families to reconnect with each other. Time to drop the smartphones and gaming systems – it is time to play some golf and have some meaningful family time. Golf is a social game and it blends perfectly with family time. At Brookfield, we understand there are few times that the entire family can get together and it is our mission to make sure that it happens at the Club.

Family golf means that the entire family can play together. Our junior tees make it possible for everyone to enjoy time on the golf course. Family golf may be the perfect family vacation. It is hard to imagine a better family activity than golf. Take your family golfing and enjoy a day outside:

  • Walking through beautiful rolling fairways
  • Sipping on a cool beverage
  • Sharing special conversations
  • Simply spending quality time with each other

Golf Staff

Brookfield’s professional golf staff, headed by PGA Professional Chris Moulder, provides the ultimate experience in personalized service. We are honored that our membership has selected us and believe it is our mission to create an atmosphere of uncompromising service to help them reconnect with their families.