After-School Junior Tennis ROGY Program

Our junior tennis programs are six week sessions and players may join mid-session (fees pro-rated) and we offer multiple children discounts. 


  • Weekly classes are a maximum 7:1 student to instructor ratio.
  • Two free 30-minute private lessons (except Red Ball) included per session to focus on individual needs (offer expires 180 days from beginning of session).
  • Session fees are prorated if your child cannot attend at the beginning. Fees pre-paid and advanced notice is required.
  • One free makeup for missing class (in another class). Offer expires 30 days following the end of session.
  • Program is offered throughout the school year.

Red Ball Ages 4-6
Played sideways across the court, from doubles sideline to doubles sideline. An oversize, high-density ball is used which is easier to visually track, receive, and control, since it moves slower and bounces lower. Players use 19-21 inch rackets (depending on player size) which gives better racket control. This modified equipment will help develop good biomechanics.

Orange Ball Ages 7-10
Allows young players to play on a 60’ court with the same rules as those used on a regulation court. Playing the “real” game will promote the development of FUNdamentals required in game situations. For 7-9 year-old, the ratio of length to width is basically the same as a full sized court is to an adult. As the court and equipment dimensions are scaled down, young players are able to develop an all-court game style. The 60’ court uses low-compression balls that facilitate this tactical development. The balls are easier to control and don’t bounce as high as a regular ball, which provides players an optimal strike zone. On these courts player use a 23-25 inch racket (depending on player size) which gives better racket control. The modified equipment also assists with the development of proper technique.

Green Ball Ages 8-10
Player will move to play on full size tennis court with a ball with a bounce of 75% of a yellow ball. The green dot ball provides a more lovely bounce than an orange dot ball but not as much bounce as the yellow ball. This allows for continued development of proper technique. Tactically the player should start to understand and make a high percentage of shots from different areas of the court, as well as develop as an independent thinker

Yellow Ball Ages 11-15
From Beginner to Intermediate

Player will be on full size tennis court with a yellow ball. We will continue to development proper technique in all groups. Tactically as the player progresses, the player should start to understand and make a high percentage of shots from different areas of the court, as well as develop as an independent thinker. 

High Performance Coaching Program Invitation

Philosophy:  We believe in gaining skills and knowledge.  Athletes first, winning second.  Braemar believes in the Cooperative Style of Coaching. The Cooperative Style of Coaching consists of shared interaction and decision-making between the coach and players consistent with growth and the development level of the athletes.

This style of coaching recognizes the importance and responsibility of providing leadership to the player, but also encourages athletes to give input on decision-making.

Tennis Camp Juniors Monday-Fridays

Fun for all ages—join us as we learn the “fundamentals of the game, using Red, Orange, Green and Yellow. We will use the Net Generation assessment sheets to group juniors in appropriate level. Focus will be getting the kids to self-feed and play.

Junior Team Tennis
 Involves singles and doubles match play. Junior team tennis is for children of all ages, including those 10 and under, featuring leagues with smaller courts, shorter and lighter rackets, and lower bouncing and slower moving balls. Team will be formed at the 10 and under, 12 and under,14 and under, and 18 and under boys and girls level. The season will run twice a year, matches to be played on Sunday afternoons, January–June and September–November February-May

USTA Junior Tournaments 10 and under to 18 and under

Level 7- Entry Level: Provide new or less experienced players an opportunity to get started in a variety of different formats. Play to start after 12:00 noon on Saturday and/or Sunday.

Level 6- Local Tournaments: The next step in improving and challenging your game.

Level 5- Open:For players who have experience in regular tournament competition but lacking national junior tournament experience