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Swim Academy at Braemar


KSwim is a learn-to-swim and coaching platform centered on the belief that smarter swimmers are safer swimmers. We believe every child must learn to swim; without the basic life skills, your child is at risk. Once taught to swim, your child has access to activities and social settings that were previously off-limits. Knowing how to swim is something your child will retain for the entirety of their life. It is the one sport that has the potential to be a true lifesaver. 
  • KSWIM Lessons 
  • Sessions Information
  • 2 lessons per week for 25 minutes each with feedback & skill advancement 
  • email: scott@kswimschools.com for schedule info 
  • Assessments recommended for level 2 and above


LEVEL 1 (Age 3+) Max 3 swimmers per class
Comfort, familiarization, respect for, and balance in the water. Safe entrance/exiting the water. Introduction of limb use for swimming movements, floating, breathing, breath-holding, grabbing, and pulling to safety, and use of swim platforms.
LEVEL 2 (Ages 4+) Max 4 swimmers per class
Independent propulsion on front and back through basic locomotion. Underwater Swimming, object retrieval, point-to-point swimming. Introduction to breathing techniques and learning to swim 25meter distances unassisted.
LEVEL 3 (Ages 4+) Max 5 swimmers per class
Sustained movement through rhythmic breathing with arm coordination, kick improvement and full use of limbs, including over water recovery. 50-meter distance possible.
LEVEL 4 (Ages 5+) Max 6 swimmers per class
Refinement, basic strength acquisition. Addition of new strokes and techniques. After this level, the swimmer is ready to advance to introductory swim team levels. 100-meter front crawl with proper breathing technique.
  • Lessons scheduled on the half-hour from 3 – 5 p.m. on weekdays, and 9 a.m. – 1 p.m. on Saturdays
  • Curriculum groups according to skill/age-specific needs
  • Learn strokes as well as actual life survival skills2 lessons per week for 25 minutes with feedback and skill advancement
  • Twice Weekly participation in Group Class
  • 24-hour advance notice of cancellation
  • No Refunds Or credits given, make-up lessons available if space permits
The primary goal of this program is to prepare each swimmer to be ready to advance to a year-round team, middle school and high school swim team.
The program will also focus on further developing and refining their stroke technique. This program runs year-round, and attendance is required twice weekly.
We require a consistent parent or guardian in the water with the child in an approved shirt or rash guard.
PARENT & ME 1 (5 to 12 Months) MAX 8 Families
This Course is designed for infants who have little to no water experience. Primary goals include establishing respect for the water, becoming comfortable in the water, establishing a conditioned response to breath control exercises, and most importantly, having fun.
PARENT & ME 2 (12 to 36 Months) MAX 8 Families
This course is designed for infants and toddlers who have established a familiarity with the water and some breath control. Primary goals include establishing propelling motions, increasing water safety and independence, and, again, having fun.