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Golf at Braemar

The centerpiece of Braemar's golf program is a scenic, immaculately maintained collection of 27 world-class holes of golf, designed by Ted Robinson, Sr. Premium services including instruction, a fully-stocked pro shop and player assistance elevate an already spectacular golf experience to something truly special, whether you're entertaining clients or just out for a round with friends.

Our 27-hole championship private club offers a spectacular setting with picturesque views, pristine course conditions and a wide array of club activities, all just minutes from downtown Los Angeles.

The Ted Robinson-Designed Courses

Boasting a rich history, Braemar Country Club’s three nine-hole courses —the U.S. Open, Masters and Western— are named for the major championships that Ralph Guldahl, 20-Year Head Golf Professional at Braemar, won in the 1930s. But you’ll still find a comfortable atmosphere for any level. Each course includes five sets of tee markers, ensuring both new and novice golfers can create a game that matches their own skills.

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Shaping Our Future

Multimillion Dollar Reinvention

We are excited to embark on a multi-phase capital improvement plan to transform Braemar Country Club! With an investment in our golf course experience, these new improvements will take our club to a new level.

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Braemar Women's Golf Club


  1. Participate in the Tuesday weekly games and lunch.
  2. Become a member of the SCGA and establish your handicap.
  3. Participate in tournaments!  Every tournament is designed to level the playing field through the handicap system.
  4. Get integrated into Club Life by meeting other women and building lasting relationships.
  5. Have Fun!!!

Applications are available in the Golf Pro Shop or by contacting Susan Stone, Membership Director, at stonegal88@aol.com or Eve Lennon, President, at  pars4eve@gmail.com

Braemar Men's Club (BMC)

Five Reasons to Join The Men's Club:

  1. You must join the Men’s Club to participate in up to 17 sponsored tournaments each year.
  2. You will become a member of the SCGA and establish your handicap.
  3. Variety of competitions. Every tournament is designed to level the playing field. Some tournaments are more serious than others, but the goal is for everyone to have a good time. 
  4. The Men’s Club is the best, quickest way to get integrated into the club, meet new people, and build lasting relationships. 
  5. We have fun – great food, good prizes, camaraderie, and good times. 

Applications are available in the Golf Pro Shop. Learn more at www.braemarmensclub.org or click here for their Facebook page.



Leagues & Tournaments


For information on any of these groups or to find out how to join one or more of these fun associations, please stop in or call the pro shop.

 – Braemar Women’s Golf Club (BWGC)
 – Braemar Ladies' Team Play
 – Ladies' Beginner League
 – Braemar Men's Golf Club (BMC)
 – Braemar Men's Team Play
 – Braemar Men's Skins Games (Wed, Sat, Sun)
 – Game On – Golf Development Program
 – Junior Crush It – After School Program
 – Junior Golf Camp
 – PGA Junior League

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Crush It! Juniors Program

Based on principles of the American Development Model (ADM), Braemar Country Club's! Juniors Program is a game-changing golf development program designed to help your junior golfers develop a deep love for the game and the abilities needed to perform on the course.

Whether new or familiar with the game and for fun or friendly competition, the program provides kids with the tools to engage proactively in life and learn valuable lessons they can use in all areas of their lives, while at the same time enabling them to engage in developmentally appropriate experiences and learning opportunities that connect child and family at every step through a progression pathway.

At the core of Braemar Country Club’s Crush It! Program is the development of a “golfer for life” through the motto, “Skills for golf, skills for life” by through:

Hard work

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Game On! Program

Whether you’re picking up a club for the first time or if you’re coming back to the sport after some time off, Braemar Country Club’s Game On! Program provides the ideal way for golfers to experience learning the game in an environment and structure that will enable them to build the skills, knowledge and social connections to actively play the game and maximize your Braemar Country Club membership.

Where Game On! differs from other traditional programs is that it does not measure success based on completing a set number of classes. Instead, success is defined when you have achieved the criteria set out within a 3-Level Progression Pathway that ensures you have harnessed the knowledge, experiences and appropriate level of skill to play the golf course. The length of time spent on the program varies between golfer but it’s why golf is a journey, not a marathon.

No matter where your golf journey is taking you, Braemar Country Club is excited to welcome you to the sport! From socializing in a friendly and fun environment to focusing on health and wellness, golf has something for everyone and for every family through:

Making New Social Connections
Spending more time with loved ones
Learning a new skill
Healthier lifestyle
An activity great for the entire family


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