Crescent Lounge

Just as Towers Crescent Drive anchors the Tysons business community, the Crescent Lounge is the hub for the Tower Club. It is the anytime, all-occasion, home-away-from-home for members. Enjoy fresh Nespresso, hand-crafted cocktails, signature cigars for celebrating, and communal tables to connect throughout the day. The Crescent Lounge is the perfect everyday vehicle for interaction and can be used for impromptu business meetings or much anticipated Friday nights.


Modern American, small plates with emphasis on local ingredients and seasonality.


Extensive wines by the glass and in-house barrel aged bourbon. Hand-crafted cocktails and chef-inspired garnishes.


The best place for business lunch during the day and happy hour after work. Enjoy news-centric TV programming during the mornings and sports/documentaries in the evenings.