Club Events

With exceptional programming, business and social events, Members build lifelong relationships and develop a network of connections that lead to personal fulfillment and invaluable memories.


Build your network of business and social connections at our special Member events. Our Members include local professionals, civic and community leaders and other influential people to enhance your circle of friends.

Enriching Programs

Our programs are designed to enrich your life with cultural, educational and business-oriented events to match your interests. Enjoy guest speakers, professional seminars and special Member clubs and events.

See what people are saying about programming at Pyramid Club:

"I got a LinkedIn request from a political consultant I’d met at the mixer who wanted to “follow up” with me about my Penn experience. He invited me to another networking event, one he said was less crowded and more engaging. I wanted to ignore the offer, but I felt conflicted. Was this divine intervention? A second chance? I bit the apple and attended this more chill yet still vibrant networking event at the Pyramid Club. This time around, I wore a navy blue blazer, straight jeans, and a J.Crew gingham button-up.

Within this setting, the power dynamics changed. I was invited, not just a “plus-one” — a notable difference. I felt more comfortable with the people in the room. The conversations didn’t feel as pointless, and I was actually able to enjoy myself. After that experience, the cycle continued: I kept getting “follow-ups” inviting me to attend other events, and eventually the tables turned — I became the one doing the reaching-out."


Watch our calendar for special traditions and events, as well as holiday dining features. We’re also ready to help you host the perfect party with catering for any occasion.