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Pyramid Club is a home for Philadelphia’s business elite, an exclusive place to connect with the most creative, diverse and passionate professionals in area. When you join our Club, you become part of a community who shares an appreciation for enriching their life and the lives of others.

We Believe in Community

We believe that true community is the intentional intersection where people with different backgrounds, perspectives and dreams beautifully share life. We believe community begins with eye contact, open ears and sincere handshakes. We believe in the sharing of meals; the literal and figurative breaking of bread that bonds. We believe that when you seek your interests and passions that your community organically grows with those on your left and right. We believe in creating experiences that heighten our senses, ignite joy and allow us all to make play a priority.

You're Invited

Pyramid Club is a place to connect, collaborate, and thrive.Located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia, Pyramid Club is a stylish home for the city's business community. Our 52nd floor location offers breathtaking views and a vibrant atmosphere that encourages creativity and collaboration. From our celebrated chef and sommelier to our engaging programming and fully-equipped meeting rooms, we have everything you need to succeed.

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XLife provides extraordinary benefits and experiences, whether you’re enjoying your home club, exploring your local area or venturing out to destinations nationwide.

The Invited Advantage

In addition to our portfolio of owned or operated golf and country clubs, city clubs and stadium clubs, our network includes alliance clubs and special offerings at more than 1,000 hotels, resorts and entertainment venues.

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