Who We Are

Pyramid Club is a home for Philadelphia’s best and brightest, who come together to collaborate, dine, learn, meet and celebrate life.

Exclusive but never exclusionary.

For nearly 30 years, Pyramid Club has played host to Philadelphia's visionaries and leaders.

Pyramid Club was conceived when our building, the Bank of New York Mellon (formerly Mellon Bank Center) was being built in 1990. We opened our doors in 1993 as a place where diverse community and business leaders could come to connect, collaborate and unwind. Ours was the first private club in Philadelphia established as exclusive but never exclusionary and continues that proud legacy today.


Building Connections

We believe that the most secure interpersonal connections are those that are reached organically. By providing a variety of programming we provide our Members with a place to grow and build their connections and communities by laying the foundations for conversation.

“If you build up the soil with organic material, the plants will do just fine.” – John Harrison

Meet Chef Sylva

Renowned and popular chef Sylva Senat was a contestant on Top Chef and a James Beard finalist. A French-speaking, Haitian native with Manahattan fine-dining sensibilities, Chef Sylva brings elevated dining to Pyramid Club with his bold flavors and refined cuisine.

Meet our Sommelier

With a prestigious background in the hospitality industry, sommelier Caleb Gibson looks to push boundaries for Members, introducing them to new wines and exciting pairings.

Locally Sourced

Pyramid Club believes in sourcing as much as we can from local farms and suppliers such as Senat Poultry, a family-operated farm in Lancaster County.