Hit the Courts at TPC Piper Glen

Whether new to racquet sports or a seasoned pro, you'll stay busy between lessons, clinics, leagues, and more. Also, our tennis courts are lighted in the evenings to maximize your playtime. Our staff of certified tennis professionals is available for private or group tennis lessons, and we have a ball machine available by reservation. We offer various men's, women's and mixed doubles tennis leagues.

Members can also take up pickleball at the Club - through open play or Member events.

Stop by the Piper Glen Racquet Shop when shopping for tennis apparel, racquets, shoes, and accessories! Members get 10% off every purchase of clothing, shoes and racquets.


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“I love the staff at TPC Piper Glen! We have the Chef of the Year, who is simply amazing. My tennis family is second-to-none whether we win or lose. And the view from our clubhouse- I'll put it up against any other Club in town. For these reasons and many more, I have been a member since 2001 and am proud to call TPC Piper Glen my home.”

- Jo Dockins