Multimillion-Dollar Hills Course Renovation

We’re turning The Hills course into a golfing paradise! Remember the recent Saddleback 9-hole renovation? Well, that was just the warm-up. The main event began in March, with the grand reopening of the Cimmarron Course slated for October. It's like waiting for your birthday but with more golf balls and fewer candles.

Over the last several months, we have partnered with Lanny Wadkins and Kurt Bowman from Wadkins Design Group to widen the previously planned renovation project from just the greens to the remaining 18 holes! The scope of renovation work for Holes 1-18 will include not only the greens, but bunkers, fairways, putting green, practice facility, and cart paths. Irrigation upgrades will also be made where necessary to ensure the course provides the best play.

The Cimmarron Course (10-18) will be completed over the next six months and the Chisholm Course (1-9) soon after.

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“I’m thrilled to be able to work with this wonderful Arthur Hills golf course. From the moment I first stepped out on it, I could see that it had such 'amazing bones’ and that re-designing the green and bunker complexes would dramatically improve both the visibility and playability of the course.”

- Lanny Wadkins

Meet Your Golf Renovation Team

Lanny Wadkins

Lanny is a World Golf Hall of Famer and a figure synonymous with golf excellence. With 21 PGA Tour victories and a distinguished career as a lead analyst, Lanny’s transition to golf course design over 20 years ago has brought forth some of the most captivating courses, and we are privileged to have his vision shape the course.

Kurt Bowman

A maestro in golf course design with Wadkins Design Group, Kurt’s journey is marked by prestigious milestones, including an internship at Augusta National Golf Club. With over 13 years at the Nicklaus group and a significant role in the Design Group alongside Lanny, Kurt’s expertise is unparalleled.

Four Phases of Golfing Bliss

PHASE ONE | Cimmarron - Beginning March 2024: Cimmarron (10-18) and the putting green take center stage with a full greens complex makeover, featuring premium G12 Championship Bermuda grass. Bunkers are recontoured, and the irrigation system is upgraded, transforming The Hills Course into a true championship-style marvel.

PHASE TWO | Cimmarron: We're giving the tees a facelift with laser-leveled new turf. Plus, you'll make your golf buddies jealous with newly upgraded fairways. We are currently finalizing the choice of grass for the tee boxes and fairways.

PHASE THREE | Cimmarron - Early Fall 2024: With favorable weather, we plan on a grand reopening celebration for Cimmarron in early October.

PHASE FOUR | Chisholm - Early 2025: The final phase to The Hills Course renovation begins. Chisholm (1-9) and the driving range receive a complete makeover just like Cimmarron, taking your game to the next level.

What Changes Are Teed Up?

Hole 10: The right fairway bunker will be modified for improved visibility. The golfers who successfully challenge this bunker off the tee will be rewarded with the best angle into this green, flanked by bunkers along the left side.

Hole 11: This par 3 will have an entirely new larger tee complex built to allow for more variety in distance and improved conditioning. The green will be redesigned and enlarged allowing for more pin placements and variety.

Hole 12: The bunkers on the left of the fairway will be modified to improve visibility. The green will slide to the right and the hollow left of the green will be softened.

Hole 13: The fairway bunkers will be modified to provide more strategy and a more generous landing area. The green will be redesigned to allow for a bold second shot to run onto the green.

Hole 14: The right fairway bunker will shrink slightly to allow for a more ample landing area as well as improved visibility. The green will be redesigned and lowered and the deep hollows around the green will be softened and raised.

Hole 15: This par 3 will feature an expanded tee complex to allow for more variety in distance and improved turf conditions. The green will be adjusted slightly towards the tee and feature a deep fairway mown approach short and right of the green.

Hole 16: The first fairway bunkers left will be removed and the second fairway bunker will be enlarged. The green will be redesigned to allow for a run up shot with a deep bunker flanking the front right of the green.

Hole 17: The tee will be expanded to allow for a greater variety in the angle and distance of the hole. This entire hole will be redesigned to be a risk-reward drivable hole.

Hole 18: A new fairway bunker will be placed on the left side of the landing area and will now be visible from the tee. The green will be one of the most dramatic on the course with a large bunker wrapping around the right side of the green.