Dress Code 

Our Board of Governors would like to remind you of the dress code. Thank you for your consideration in maintaining the integrity of our Club's heritage. The dress code is smart casual in every area except at The Founders’ Room.  

Vertex Lounge 

Smart casual, meaning business casual: unripped jeans/denim are appropriate. Gentlemen are required to wear closed-toed shoes and a collared shirt or sweater. No shorts, flip-flops, tank tops, t-shirts, athletic apparel, or baseball hats are permitted. Game day exception: Sports-affiliated t-shirts and jerseys are allowed on game days scheduled in advance by the Club. The rest of the dress code still applies on game days. 

Founders’ Room 

For ladies and gentlemen: 
No shorts, rompers, t-shirts, tennis shoes, or flip flops. Dress shoes are required. Collared shirts are required for gentlemen. Denim without rips or holes is permitted, gentlemen must wear a jacket if they are wearing denim. Jackets are not required for gentlemen unless they are wearing denim. The Vertex Lounge is the alternative for those Members not prepared to dine in Founders’ Room.