Cool Off With Summer Swimming

Our experienced aquatic staff includes certified lifeguards, swimming instructors, group exercise instructors, greeting staff and waitstaff to ensure that the needs of every Member are met at all times. 

Aquatic activities at Fair Oaks Golf & Country Club include swim lessons for all ages, water aerobics, games and planned events for both children and adults.

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Group & Private Swimming Lessons 

Take the steps to have your young ones master the art of swimming. Whether you choose private or group lessons, you will see the difference in the water.

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    Contact us with any Swim Lesson questions.

    Our group lessons cover three levels: 

    Beginner 1: This class is designed for children who are very new to the water. The focus is to acclimate your child to the water to ensure swimming success in the future. Children must be able to separate from their parents and behave in a group setting. No prerequisite.

    Beginner 2: If your child is adapted to the water and comfortable in the pool, then this is the class for them. The class focus is to build confidence and begin teaching the building blocks of swimming. Prerequisite: Swimmer must perform 10 relaxed bobs, front float for five seconds and back float for five seconds.

    Advanced Beginner: This class builds upon the foundational skills from Beginner 2. Emphasis is put on backstroke/freestyle with rotary breathing. Prerequisite: Swimmer must back glide with kick for 10 feet and tread water for 10 seconds and return to the wall with a front glide with kick (no breathing).

      Contact us with any Swim Lesson questions.

      Facility Rules & Regulations

      1. The swimming pool will be open daily during the summer except on Mondays of each week. When a national holiday is observed on that day of the week, the pool will be open on Monday and closed the following Tuesday. At the discretion of the swimming pool director, the pool may be closed at other times. During the off-season, the adult pool will be open to Members and guests ages 18 and older to “swim at your own risk” unless posted otherwise.
      2. The pool is officially closed when a sign is posted.
      3. Lifeguard service is provided at the family pool only.
      4. The adult pool is for the use of adults 18 years of age or older only. The only exception is during approved group and/or private swim lessons conducted in the adult pool.
      5. Usage of the wading pool is limited to children who are 4 years of age and under. A parent or adult guardian must be present with any child using the wading pool.
      6. A parent or adult guardian must accompany all children who do not swim and any child under the age of 10. Children who cannot swim are not allowed in the deep end of the pool at any time.
      7. Club lifeguards have full authority to regulate all conduct at the pool and to enforce compliance of swimming pool rules. The penalty for violation of said rules will be suspension from use of the pool. Any objections or criticism of the conduct of the lifeguards should be made to the pool director or to club management.
      8. The lifeguards will conduct safety checks at all pools at regular intervals. During said safety checks; all pools must be cleared.
      9. In the case of an emergency, the pools must be cleared immediately.
      10. Each Member and guest using the pool must register in the book provided at the pool cabana. All Members must register their guests who are attired in swimming or sunbathing clothes, whether the guests actually use the pool or not.
      11. An applicable guest fee will be assessed to the Member’s account for each guest at the swimming pool.
      12. Unnecessary talking with the lifeguard is prohibited. The lifeguards are provided for your protection.
      13. Members and guests shall provide their own towels at the pool. Towels are not allowed into the swimming pool.
      14. Only conventional and appropriate swimming attire may be worn in the swimming pool. No cutoffs, shorts, leotards or fitness attire will be allowed in the pool. Thong swimsuits are not permitted in any area of the club premises.
      15. Only one person is allowed on the diving board at a time. Upon diving, the diver must immediately swim to a ladder or shallow part of the pool. No playing of any nature will be permitted in the diving area.
      16. Nonswimmers are not allowed in the diving area.
      17. Members with skin disorders or other infections are not allowed in any pool.
      18. Members may not bring their own food to the pool area. Snacks and beverages are available from the pavilion. All trash must be placed in the containers conveniently located throughout the pool area.
      19. No glassware, chinaware, silverware or glass bottles will be permitted in the pool area.
      20. The wearing of swimming suits is prohibited in or on any part of the club premises except the pool area and swimming attire is allowed in the pavilion with a cover up.
      21. Running, scuffling or conduct endangering the safety of self and others around the pool or on the pool deck is strictly prohibited. No spitting or spouting water in the pool will be permitted.
      22. Swimmers are required to remove all hairpins or hair ornaments before entering the pool.
      23. The Club is not responsible for the loss of personal property. It is suggested that valuable items be placed in locked vehicles.
      24. Articles left at the Club in the pool area will be kept for two weeks. If not claimed within that period, said items will be donated to a charitable organization.
      25. Unauthorized persons are not allowed inside the pool filtration and equipment areas.
      26. Proper conduct in the pool area shall include all items listed above, including the nonuse of profanity and abusive language. The pool facilities are provided for the leisure and use of Members and guests, and consideration of others in the pool area will be enforced. The pool director and the lifeguards have the authority to enforce these rules.
      27. Smoking is not permitted at the family pool or inside the pavilion. Smoking is only permitted at the designated section of the adult pool.