Cool Off With Summer Swimming

Our experienced aquatic staff includes certified lifeguards, swimming instructors, group exercise instructors, greeting staff and waitstaff to ensure that the needs of every Member are met at all times. 

Aquatic activities at Fair Oaks Golf & Country Club include swim lessons for all ages, water aerobics, games and planned events for both children and adults. Members can also join the Fair Oaks Ranch Sharks Swim Team!

Visit our swimming website for more information.

Group & Private Swimming Lessons 

Take the steps to have your young ones master the art of swimming. Whether you choose private or group lessons, you will see the difference in the water.

View our swimming website for more information on lessons, dates, and other swimming content!

    Contact us with any Swim Lesson questions.

    Our group lessons cover three levels: 

    Beginner 1: This class is designed for children who are very new to the water. The focus is to acclimate your child to the water to ensure swimming success in the future. Children must be able to separate from their parents and behave in a group setting. No prerequisite.

    Beginner 2: If your child is adapted to the water and comfortable in the pool, then this is the class for them. The class focus is to build confidence and begin teaching the building blocks of swimming. Prerequisite: Swimmer must perform 10 relaxed bobs, front float for five seconds and back float for five seconds.

    Advanced Beginner: This class builds upon the foundational skills from Beginner 2. Emphasis is put on backstroke/freestyle with rotary breathing. Prerequisite: Swimmer must back glide with kick for 10 feet and tread water for 10 seconds and return to the wall with a front glide with kick (no breathing).

      Contact us with any Swim Lesson questions.