When you join Brier Creek Country Club, you are welcomed into a vibrant community of golf leagues designed not only for golfers of all skill levels but also with a strong emphasis on fostering relationships and building a close-knit golfing community. Join us in cultivating relationships and enriching your golfing journey in this welcoming and engaging environment for all. Learn more about the diverse leagues we offer and discover how we go beyond golf to create a thriving community where lasting connections are forged on and off the course.

BCMGA - Brier Creek Men’s Golf Association

Immerse yourself in the excitement of the BCMGA (Brier Creek Men’s Golf Association), a Thursday Night 9 Hole league at Brier Creek Country Club running from March to October. With three standout 18-hole events – the Kickoff Cup, Sweltering Summer, and King’s Cup – and multiple formats accommodating various playing abilities, the BCMGA offers a dynamic and inclusive golfing experience. Compete for season-long points and awards while enjoying the camaraderie of this engaging league. Join us for spirited play, memorable events, and the thrill of friendly competition.




Senior Men’s Golf League

Experience the Senior Men’s Golf League at Brier Creek Country Club, tailored for those aged 55 and over. Running from March through October, this engaging league features 17 tournaments with diverse formats. Play takes place on Thursday mornings and one Tuesday each month, providing flexibility for our members. Compete for season-long points and awards in a vibrant golfing community designed for seasoned players to enjoy camaraderie and spirited competition.




BCLGA - Brier Creek Ladies Golf Association

The BCLGA is a dynamic association offering three leagues tailored for every preference. With 18 Hole Morning, 9 Hole Morning, and 9 Hole Evening leagues, the season runs from March to October, featuring a mix of open play and various formats each week. Enjoy a community that embraces a wide range of playing abilities, fostering camaraderie without excessive competition. Engage in the excitement of season-long points, awards, and special events like the Summer Solstice and DL Cup, creating a vibrant and inclusive golfing experience at Brier Creek Country Club.




Ladies New to the Game

Embrace golfing in a supportive environment with our programs designed for ladies new to the game at Brier Creek Country Club. "Sip It and Kick It" is a relaxed monthly event held on Saturday afternoons, providing a great opportunity for those just starting or new to the club. Join in for a casual round of 3 holes alongside an instructor, fostering a comfortable and non-competitive atmosphere.

For beginning ladies, our "BCLush" program meets on Tuesdays once a month from March to October. The formats vary, offering a blend of clinics hosted by our Director of Player Development and playing a few holes on the course with tips and instruction. Whether it's a sip, a kick, or a lush afternoon on the course, these programs are crafted for a gentle introduction to the game, ensuring an enjoyable and supportive experience for all participants.