Making Christmas Wishes Come True With Easterseals

In December, Brier Creek chose to support the Easterseals Program, which provides services to children and adults managing disabilities. Last year, Brier Creek helped 12 kids with a total of 108 gifts and had a goal of helping 40 kids this year. Each child, ages 2-18 years old, created a list of their needs, wants, and any educational items they would like to receive for Christmas. The combined list included a total of 360 gifts ranging from basic clothing, developmental toys and books, to lots of art supplies and basic schooling items, among other things. 

From there, Brier Creek created a list of all items and sent it out to Members asking to help make Christmas special for these children. Members answered the call with an overwhelming amount of support to fulfill hundreds of holiday wishes for the children this year.

The Brier Creek family also opened their hearts to donate a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card to help a single mother of four who is experiencing homelessness.