Questions We're Fiercely Proud to Answer

You’ve made it this far, and that gets us pumped because you’re not afraid to engage. So go ahead and read on, ride fast, take chances, find your path.

What is The Collective?

A brand new urban basecamp for the mind, body and soul. A vibrant, members-only community in the heart of South Lake Union that merges dynamic space, active members, neat programs and craveable food + beverage offerings.

At The Collective, bouldering, food, drink, art, music, tech-free hammock garden and collaborative zones create a space for comfort and community, positive impact, creative collisions and peak experiences.

We are a diverse community of members who thrive on adventure, shared ideas and purpose. We believe that genuine relationships and social capital can be built around the common goal of improving our world. 

Where is The Collective?

The Bristol Myers Squibb Building - Entry through main BMS lobby on Dexter
400 Dexter Ave N / Seattle / 98109

Heart of South Lake Union / Steps off Dexter Ave North / 15,000 Sq. Ft. Ground Floor Basecamp

47° 36’ 28.8468” N  /  122° 20’ 6.6012” W

How do I get there?

The Collective is located less than a mile from I-5 , on the corner of Harrison & Dexter. The 62 bus line stops directly in front of the building and we have covered bike parking available.

Street parking is free after 8 PM, Monday - Saturday and on Sundays. The hourly rate throughout the day is $5.00/hour.

What is the difference between a clubhouse and a basecamp?

We think words are important. While a traditional clubhouse is a great place to relax and connect, a basecamp is a launchpad for adventure. It’s a place to circle the wagons, regroup and gear up for whatever the path may be, and wherever it may lead. Share a pint with mates as you plot your next adventure. Meditate in the hammock garden to unwind from the workday chaos. Push your body to climb higher.

What does The Collective basecamp offer? 

The Collective is anchored by two main areas – a day + night bar, coined High Tide, and a refuge from the hectic urban life, named Alpenglow.

High Tide includes productivity spaces for your workflow, music bungalows, a stage, counter and table service dining, ping-pong, board games and endless excuses to interact and collaborate.

Alpenglow is home to the member lounge, workspace, Studio, the Campfire Circle, the tech-free Hammock Garden, a boutique Bouldering area, and spa-inspired showers and day-use lockers.

The spaces are bridged by Crest Coffee Bar, a vibrant coffee shop open to the public, offering amazing items on the fly. The Bulkhead is a to-go window designed to provide the neighborhood with a few recharging bites offered throughout the day.

What does The Collective offer besides access to the basecamp itself?

The Collective basecamp is merely bricks + mortar, whereas the community it houses is so much larger and more significant. The Collective is a dynamic group of thinkers, artists, creators and doers. The diverse membership is supported by member-led Circles  and a robust programming calendar featuring countless ways to connect.

What are The Collective's circles all about?

Diversity. Passion. Connectivity. The Collective was designed to connect diverse and unique individuals around our shared passions. These passions are represented by member-led Circles, and these drive our robust programming calendar: 

Social Impact
Great Outdoors


What are some programs on the calendar?

The calendar offers 15+ programs a month, ranging from intimate conversation groups for the intellects, jam sessions for the musically motivated, to fancy parties for the socialites. Beer tastings, TED-esque discussions, Bouldering breaks, acoustic sets, photography classes, art shows, sunrise yoga, codefests, social impact outings, music lessons, ping-pong tournaments ... the list goes on. We can’t wait to throw you into the mix.

How much do these programs cost?

From $FREE.99 to maybe a bit more, the price of these programs will vary. For example, if we hire a badass yoga teacher, you may have to pay for the class. If a Circle hosts a book club, it’s probably free. The goal for these programs is to provide unique offerings and create a community inside (and sometimes outside) the walls of your basecamp. Every program is designed to be of value.

What are the hours?

Monday | 9 AM - 5 PM (Restaurant & Bar Closed)
Tuesday | 9 AM - 7 PM
Wednesday - Friday | 9 AM - 8 PM
Saturday - Sunday | Open for Select Member Experiences

The Collective's hours will evolve as we see when members are most excited to hang out.

How much does it cost to join The Collective?

We're currently enrolling for Basecamp Membership: $170/month (month-to-month). Contact us for more details or a tour.

I hear the Columbia Tower Club is part of the same club network, is this something I can access?

You heard right! CTC is our sister club here in Seattle, and we're excited to announce a new Membership option that gives you access to both. Dual Membership is $205/month (month-to-month). You can also choose to add parking at Columbia Tower for $45/month.  (FYI, for context, 6 hours of parking there is typically $35/day). Contact for more details or a tour.

How do I cancel my membership?

We totally get that life happens. We ask for a 30-day written notice for resignation. Email

What are some of the house rules? 

Kids allowed? Sure, just not in the Bar or the Bouldering area. We find kids are most excited about kid-specific programs, rather than just hanging around the basecamp (stay tuned for our programming calendar)!

Pets allowed? Love them, but sadly, The Collective is not conducive to those with four legs (or wings). The Patio is open to friendly pups.

Is there a dress code? All bow ties, all the time. Or not. You are welcome to come as you are. While you do have to wear clothes, be comfortable, be you.

Dining reservations needed? Nope. But this is an extension of your living room, and we always welcome you to call us with special requests/questions.

Guests allowed? Not just allowed, but welcomed and invited. Members may bring along groups up to five. Please let us know if you'd like to entertain a larger group. To maintain the quality of our community, we kindly request that regular guests (visiting more than once a week) obtain their own membership.

Outside food or drinks allowed? We welcome outside food and drink on Mondays! For the rest of the week, while our restaurant is open, we kindly ask members to enjoy our in-house offerings instead.

Is my partner/spouse included on my membership?

Yes, a Basecamp Membership at $170/mo will include your partner/spouse, granting them full membership privileges as well!

May I get food to go?

100% Crest Coffee Bar: Pre-packaged eats, ready to refuel your life on the go.

High Tide: Menu items are prepared for your daily hustle. Order To Go as often as you like.

Food & Drink available?

Great food and drink, as a matter of fact. Coffee, juice, kombucha, wine, beer and spirits too, all offered at a fair price. Whether you fancy a quick work lunch, shared plates, an eclectic dinner out or anything in between, food + drink are at your fingertips morning, noon and night at The Collective. We strive for local and sustainable; much respect to our farmers and producers. Be on the lookout for posh toasts, breakfast burritos and Insta-worthy desserts. 

What if I want to have an event at The Collective?

Reach out and talk to our team, we have a solid variety of options and a few tricks up our sleeve to help you host.