Play Equipment Built for Your Golf Swing

Why get custom fit?

90% of US golfers may be playing with the wrong equipment. Improper length, lie, head/shaft and grip size can lead to poor results. Poor results lead to poor experience and less fun, and fun is the why people play golf. Custom fitted clubs make the game more fun because the golfer will be more successful.

How much more successful?

92% of golfers who were custom fit for their new equipment on a launch monitor realized immediate benefits. Every person has a swing unique to them and Golfsmith will custom fit the clubs to that unique swing. A consistent swing is a successful swing on the golf course and that means lower scores, more rounds and more fun.

How is custom fitting done?

All the aspects of your golf game will be analyzed:

  • Ball Flight 
  • Swing Speed 
  • Carry Distance & Total Yardage 
  • Spin Rates 
  • Launch Angles 
  • Lie Angles 
  • Face Impact 
  • Body Measurements 

PTCN Club Academy Fitting Specialist will analyze every aspect of your golf game and ability (those items listed above) with FlightScope Launch Monitor.

The most important components to club fitting?

Shaft/Flex: The right shaft and flex can add distance to low–spinning shots by launching the ball higher, meaning more spin, which creates distance.

Lie Angle: The right angle and lie can compensate for a slice or a hook, making the shot more consistent with each hit.

Length: The longer the club, the longer the shot, but the harder it is to control. The fitted length allows the perfect combination of control and length.

Contact the Braelinn Golf Shop to get your hands on the right clubs for you.

We Offer Full Service Golf Club Repair

Keep your golf equipment in pristine condition. Trust the Certified Club Technicians at the PTC Golf Academy to turn your old golf clubs into like-new condition. We offer a variety of club repair services:  

Shaft Installation, Removal & Adjustment

Standard Shaft Install
We have the tools and materials necessary to replace any graphite or steel golf club shaft. Improve your golf clubs and shop for new shafts that fit your game.

Bore-through Staff Install 
Bore-through golf clubs require a different shaft installation process.  

Remove Shaft
If your shaft is broken or doesn't fit your swing, you can have it removed at the Golf Academy. We have the tools to remove graphite or steel shafts without damaging other components of your golf club.

Lengthen or Shorten Shaft Without Grip 
Is your club too short or long? PTC Golf Academy Specialist has the tools necessary to add an extension to your current shaft so that it better fits your game. We also have the ability to check and see if your club is too short with a Mini Fitting Session.

Grip Installation

Grip Install
While a simple procedure, there are some intricacies to regripping your clubs. PTC Golf Academy Specialist is skilled in removing and installing golf club grips and making sure you have the correct size grip.

Save Grip
Want to save your old grips? We can remove grips without damaging their structure.

Loft and Lie Adjustment

Loft and lie adjustment involve the use of specially designed equipment and a great deal of experience. We have the knowledge, experience and equipment to meet your individual loft and lie specifications.

Additional Repair Services

Replace Ferrule
Many clubheads require a ferrule or plastic trim piece that provides a transition from the hosel of the clubhead to the shaft. PTC Golf Academy Specialist can replace a broken or worn ferrule.

Re-epoxy Head
If your clubhead is loose or has become unattached from the shaft don't go buy a new club. We can install the head correctly and re-epoxy the head so it is returned to a like-new state.

Remove Rattle 
Small components can come loose inside your golf clubs, causing an annoying rattle that may distract you from your game. Have that rattle removed at the Golf Academy.

Re-groove Shafted Iron
After heavy use, the grooves on a club head can wear and negatively impact your play. We can send your clubs to The GolfWorks for re-grooving and return them to like-new condition.

Out With The Old and In With The New 

Trade your experienced clubs here. 

Bring your clubs into the Braelinn Golf Shop and our Trade-In Specialist will look up the price based on the Club Value Guide, which is updated monthly. If you decide to trade your club/equipment in, we will put that amount on your credit book to be used for new clubs, fitting, lessons or Golf Shop merchandise. No cash will be given for any trade-ins.