Golf For Fun

Fast Tees at the Creek!  

  • This is a great way to introduce beginner golfers to the game or a way to work on your short game while you play the course. 
  • The creek has green tees setup on every hole ranging from a 100 yards and in that help beginner golfers learn the game without feeling overwhelmed from a full-length course.

Night Golf Tournaments 

  • The Creek holds Glow Golf tournaments annually and they are great events to see the course in no light! 
  • The course is decorated with many different glow sticks and participants not only try to beat other players with their score but also with their cart decorations!  

T.A.G. (Tennis and Golf) 

  • A perfect blend of the two sports we offer at the Creek, T.A.G. is an event that combines a little of golf and a little of tennis to make one of the best events we have. 
  • Competitors will be split into teams that will play three thirty-minute matches of tennis before they break for food and drinks. 
  • They will then head out to the course for nine holes of glow golf before ending the night with deserts and scoring in the grill.

Fun Couples 

  • An once a month couples group that is too much fun to handle for 18 holes. 
  • The Fun Couples is a great group for beginner or experienced golfers to meet people and have a great time playing nine holes in the evening on Fridays.
  • No handicap needed
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