House Rules

It is the intent of the Club to limit these rules and regulations to the minimum required for the mutual enjoyment of the Club by all its Members and guests. The obligation for enforcing these rules for the good of all is placed in the hands of management. Management reserves the right to alter these rules as they deem necessary. Members must follow and adhere to all rules and regulations as set forth by the Club. Any rules violations subject the membership to revocation.

  1. Starting times: Members may obtain starting times 14 days in advance. Guests may obtain starting times seven days in advance. Management reserves the right to make special consideration for tournaments, special events and out-of-town guests.
  2. Golf cart requirements: November 1 – March 31 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays only) carts are required until noon for guests. April 1 – Oct 31 (Saturday, Sunday and holidays only): Carts are required until 2 pm (noon for Members). Additional Member walking times may be established seasonally. No private golf carts are allowed.
  3. Payment for golf carts must be made or arranged prior to play.
  4. The golf professional and assistant golf professionals have full authority of the golf players at all times. They are directed to carry out the rules and regulations pertaining to the golf course and play, and any violations are reported to the Club management.
  5. No more than four players may play as a group, unless authorized by the golf shop.
  6. No more than two golf carts per foursome and one golf cart per twosome are allowed.
  7. Each player must have a golf bag and a set of clubs.
  8. All play must start on Hole 1 tee at all times unless permission to do otherwise is obtained from the golf shop.
  9. All players must obtain a starting position from the golf shop.
  10. Allow faster players to play through if there is an open hole ahead of your group.
  11. When using power or pull carts and arriving at the green, park cart between the green and the next tee on the cart path. This allows the following players to play to the green as soon as you complete play at the hole and are off the green.
  12. Repair ball marks on greens. Rake sand traps.
  13. Proper golf attire is required for all golfers. No cut-off jeans, swimsuits or tank tops are permitted. Men must wear shirts with a collar at all times.
  14. Children under 15 years of age are not allowed on the golf course on Saturdays, Sundays or holidays until after 2 pm, unless accompanied by and adult, or unless authorized by the golf shop.
  15. Members must have an established handicap to play in Club tournaments. Members wanting to establish a handicap must post all scores after each complete round.
  16. USGA rules are in effect. Local rules, to be in effect, must be listed on the scorecard, announced in the Club newsletter and/or posted on the bulletin board. It is be the player’s responsibility to keep informed and knowledgeable of playing rules.