South Course

# 1 /

Par: 4

A short par 4 with out of bounds on the right; you do not have to hit a driver.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 362


GOLD 311

RED 311

Pro Tips

Avoid the bunkers on both sides of the fairway.

# 2 /

Par: 3

A long par 3 with water on the left.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 211


GOLD 164

RED 153

Pro Tips

The center of the green is a good shot on this par 3.

# 3 / / Signature Hole

Par: 4

A long par 4 with water to carry on approach shot.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 401


GOLD 354

RED 327

Pro Tips

Risk/reward hole. If you hit a good drive you can play your second shot over the water. It will play into the prevailing wind.

# 4 /

Par: 4

A very long par 4 that plays into the wind.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 455


GOLD 359

RED 359

Pro Tips

On your tee shot avoid the creek on the right and take one to two extra clubs on approach shot with the prevailing wind in your face.

# 5 /

Par: 5

Can be a reachable par 5 with a good drive. Watch out for the creek on the right side.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 522


GOLD 477

RED 477

Pro Tips

Going for the green in two shots can be a good option.

# 6 /

Par: 4

A slight dogleg right that plays into the wind.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 436


GOLD 385

RED 385

Pro Tips

On your approach shot add one or two extra clubs. It is not the direction of the prevailing wind, however, the wind funnels off the houses.

# 7 /

Par: 5

This hole is a straightaway par 5 that can be reached in two shots for the longer players.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 512


GOLD 497

RED 434

Pro Tips

Hit a good drive in the fairway so you can try to reach the green in two shots. Avoid the penalty area on the right side of the hole.

# 8 /

Par: 4

This is a short par 4 with bunkers on the right and a multi-tiered green.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 370


GOLD 297

RED 288

Pro Tips

Lay-up off the tee is a good play ensuring you are short of the bunkers on the right.

# 9 /

Par: 3

A downwind par 3 with a large, deep bunker in front and two smaller bunkers on both sides of the green.

Yardage by Tee:

BLUE 158


GOLD 127

RED 117

Pro Tips

Your shot will play a half of a shot longer than the yardage.