Crush It! Junior Golf Lessons in Marvin, NC

Get your juniors involved in youth golf lessons through Firethorne Country Club Crush It! Junior Golf, where we're passionate about shaping the future of young golfers. Our program goes beyond the greens to instill life skills while nurturing their love for the game.

Our mission is clear: to lead the way in golf instruction for juniors within the North Carolina region. The Crush It program embodies Skills for Golf, Skills for Life. We are committed to increasing golf participation and creating "Golfers for Life" who thrive on and off the course.

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Discover the Crush It! Difference

  • Confidence: Through golf, children build self-confidence to face any challenge.
  • Respect: We teach respect for the game, fellow players, and the course.
  • Understanding: Golf offers life lessons that promote understanding and empathy.
  • Self-discipline: Young golfers learn the value of self-discipline, a skill they'll carry into adulthood.
  • Hard Work: Success in golf requires hard work and perseverance.
  • Integrity: We instill a sense of integrity that extends beyond the scorecard.
  • Talent: Unleash your child's golfing talent with our dedicated coaching.
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One of Invited's dedicated golf coaches providing personalized instruction to a young girl during a youth golf lesson, teaching her the basics of the game.

Age-Based Groups

Our program delivers golf lessons for kids and juniors aged 4-16, ensuring they receive age-appropriate coaching and experiences:

  • Ages 4-6: Fun and foundational coaching.
  • Ages 6-11: Skill development in an inclusive and engaging environment.
  • Ages 11-16: Competitive experiences with an emphasis on cooperation and independence.
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Invited Crush It! Junior Golf Clinic in action: Expert coaches guiding young children in learning the golf grip on an Invited Club driving range

Based on the American Development Model (ADM)

Our program aligns with the American Development Model (ADM), focusing on age and developmentally-appropriate junior golf experiences for children. We emphasize the first four stages:

  • Stage 1: Active Start: We get kids moving and playing, building a strong foundation.
  • Stage 2: FUNdamentals: Golf becomes fun, inclusive, and developmentally appropriate.
  • Stage 3: Learn to Play: Further development of fundamental skills and general golf skills.
  • Stage 4: Play to Improve: Golf-specific skill development during growth spurts.
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Invited's Crush It! Youth Golf Program in action: Two young children practicing to improve their short game, focusing on chipping.

Program Offerings at Firethorne Country Club in Marvin, NC

Choose from a range of programs tailored to your child's age and experience level.

  • Junior Monthly Sessions: Engaging monthly sessions for different age groups. These sessions provide a consistent and structured coaching program that focuses on developing a range of golf skills.
  • Junior Golf Course Play: Developmentally appropriate course play to learn and score. An element of friendly competition is sometimes part of the experience.
  • Junior Social Play: Family-friendly social events promoting golf fundamentals and fun. You can help develop your child’s confidence through a fun and welcoming experience.
  • Junior Golf Camps: School vacation activities for ages 6-16, developing skills and friendships. Youth golf camp is the perfect place to fine-tune fundamentals and enhance skills learned in year-round programs.
  • Junior Fun Days: Exciting days of golf and fun at the Club. Fun Days provide children with an opportunity to experience golf instruction through enjoyable, games-based learning across all skill elements.
  • Junior PGA Junior League: Competitive play in a nurturing and social environment. Juniors play a series of games against other local golf teams in a friendly scramble format.
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Immerse your child in engaging golf experiences with a membership at an Invited Club – Image of four young golfers in front of specially designed game buckets for skill improvement and entertainment.

Learning Outcomes

Our program focuses on four key learning outcomes:

  • Mastering the Game: Your child will confidently and competently play golf.
  • Learning the Game: They'll understand the game and play it independently and socially.
  • The Whole Child: We foster development in social and psychological areas.
  • Physcial Literacy: Our program builds essential movement skills and physical development.
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A young golfer lines up a confident putt on the green at an Invited Club.

Track Your Child's Golf Performance

MyGame+ is a comprehensive golf coaching platform that helps coaches and parents track student progress, set goals, and achieve results. With MyGame+, you can:

  • Track your child's progress over time in key areas of their game, such as driving, accuracy, chipping, putting and on course using our progress wheels.
  • View the program challenges that your child has completed and the virtual rewards and certificates they have earned.
  • Stay connected with your child's coach to discuss their progress and get advice on how to help them improve.
  • Help your child set goals and track their progress towards those goals.
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MyGame+ App - track your junior golfer's progress in driving, accuracy, chipping, putting, and on-course performance using progress wheels. Stay connected with your child's coach, set goals, and monitor achievements in real-time.

Contact us today to learn more and enroll your child in Crush It!

Join us at Firethorne Country Club youth golf lessons and embark on a journey to transform your child into a passionate golfer and well-rounded individual.

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